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The vacations are at hand and you are already scheduling travel plans, aren't you?
Below presented packages foreseen for different age groups and individuals, will help you to complete and coordinate your plans.

Classic Tour Packages are specially designed for individuals willing to join the groups for traveling. Participation in these packages will give you a chance not only to explore the historical and cultural sights of Armenia, Georgia and Artsakh, but also to become best friends with the people from numerous countries you haven't ever met before.

GO LOCAL: Embark on an unforgettable journey to deepen your understanding of Armenia's cultural heritage, discover new experiences, explore your creative side with local artists and artisans, enjoy homemade authentic Armenian food, hike through natural and urban landscapes and discover what's unique about Armenia.

If the chosen sights don't match your interests you can visit the page "Create Your Own Package" to create your own tour-program on the basis of other offered trips.

Classic Tour Packages - 2021Period
  Introduction to Armenia - 4 days
Apr 1 - Oct 31
  Weekend in Armenia - 4 days
Apr 1 - Oct 31
  Secrets of Armenia - 5 days
Jun 1 - Sep 30
  Unforgettable Armenia - 5 days
Apr 1 - Oct 31
  TOP Sights of Armenia - 6 days
Jun 1 - Sep 30
  Classic tour program in Armenia - 6 days
Apr 1 - Oct 31
  Wonders of Armenia in a week - 7 days
Jun 1 - Sep 30

GO LOCAL: Experience Armenia like local
  2-day tour to Lori and Tavush regions
  3-day tour to Vayots Dzor and Syunik regions
  1-day tour to Shirak region
  1-day tour to Tavush region
  1-day wine tour to Vayots Dzor region

General Conditions for Groups
  • 30% of the total program sum may be required 10 days prior to arrival. The final payment (70% of the total sum) is to be made during the fulfillment of the program.

  • All cancellations must be in writing form via email. A full refund of the paid deposit will be provided for all cancellations received 5 days or more prior to the arrival. Otherwise the deposit will not be refunded.

  • The parties are relieved from responsibilities, in case obligations have not been fulfilled due to unexpected circumstances (earthquake, flood, war etc.).

  • In case of specific orders the conditions are discussed and confirmed based on the particular order.
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