Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is weather like in Armenia?
    Armenia has a dry tropical climate. Clear sunny days are mostly dominant in a year (more than 300 days in a year). The summers are hot here, the temperature fluctuates between +22C to +36C. The winters are mainly cold, snowy, the average temperature is between -15C to -1C. The mountain peaks are covered with eternal snow, while their slopes are lined by alpine meadows. Armenia is the right place to visit for people who are interested in skiing and other winter activities. The best time to visit Armenia is considered spring or autumn as weather is mild and nature is breathtaking. Meanwhile, for people who like sun and hot weather – Armenia is perfect during summer. Daily weather forecasts can be found at the following website.
  • Where can I get a FREE MAP of Yerevan/Armenia?
    FREE MAPS of Yerevan and Armenia are available in almost all hotels, hostels, guest houses of Yerevan, in Yerevan Tourism Information and Support Centre, as well as all the branches of our office, including the special pavilion in "Zvartnots" International Airport.
  • Where can I get FREE access to WIFI?
    It is quite easy to get FREE WIFI access practically throughout Yerevan, including metro and bus stations, cafes, restaurants, hotels, hostels, shopping malls, beauty salons, etc. FREE WIFI is available also during the group tours, organized by our company, besides, you can use it in all the branches of our office.
  • What type of clothes is recommended to wear while visiting churches/monasteries?
    During visits of any church or monastery in Armenia it is recommended to wear comfortable sport shoes (to cover given distances on foot), also not revealing clothing. Please, exclude short skirts/shorts from your choice and pick trousers with t-shirts instead.
  • Where can I buy souvenirs and go for shopping?
    Souvenirs can be purchased at the large open-air market "Vernissage", located in the centre of Yerevan, close to the Republic Square. Almost all the souvenirs for sale are handmade work from ceramics, wood, stone, glass... Make sure to take with you at least one of the symbols of Armenia – pomegranate, apricot, mini khatchkar (cross-stone), tricolor flag, Ararat Mount, national musical instrument duduk, nardi (Armenian board game backgammon), chess, etc. Numerous art exhibits, carpets, traditional "taraz" dresses, bags, jewelry, fridge magnets, keychains and even tableware with national ornaments are sold here.

    There are number of shopping malls in Yerevan – "Dalma Garden Mall", "Yerevan Mall", "Megamall", "Rio Mall", "Rossia Mall", "Tashir Street Shopping Gallery", "Tashir Trade Center", where you will find anything needed, starting from clothes, accessories, perfume, ending with books, toys and electronics.

    Practically on each street one can come across supermarkets: "SAS", "Nor Zovq", "Tsiran", "Yerevan City", "Parma", "Krpak", "Gurmenia" gastromarket, etc., offering great diversity of products, including the so famous Armenian cognac and dried fruits. Supermarkets are generally open 24/7. If you want to see all the local sorts and colors of Armenian fruits, vegetables, dried fruits, as well as feel the real "taste" of Armenia, do not miss the chance to visit "Gum" Market, situated not far from "Tashir Trade Center".
  • Are there any pharmacies open 24-hours in Yerevan?
    Pharmacies in Yerevan are located on each corner of a street and nearly all of them work 24/7, so be sure to find any needed medicine whenever necessary.
    Take good care and stay healthy!
  • Which airlines operate flights to Armenia?
    The following air companies operate direct flights to/from Yerevan: "Flydubai", "Air France", "Aeroflot", "Qatar Airways", "Air Arabia", "Belavia", "LOT Polish Airlines", "Middle East Airlines", "Austrian Airlines", "Aegean Airlines", "Wizzair", "Transavia Airlines", "Red Wings", "FlyOne", "FlyArna", "Azimuth", "Rossiya", "Armenia Airways", "Armenia Air Company", "Air Cairo", "UTair", "Lufthansa", "Pegasus Airlines", "Shirak Avia", "Condor Airlines", "Brussels Airlines" etc. The timetable of the flights is presented on the website of "Zvartnots" International Airport.
  • What is the visa policy for traveling to Armenia?
    Visa to Armenia is provided by the Representation of the Republic of Armenia, located in the given country (or near it). The citizens of the CIS member-states, the EU member-states and the Schengen Acquis states do not need visa to travel to Armenia. The citizens of several countries can get a visa upon arrival in Armenia, at the border checkpoints. In general, the procedure lasts 20-25 minutes.

    Citizens of foreign countries, for whom a visa-free regime is set, can stay on the territory of the Republic of Armenia for no more than 180 days during one year if no other term is defined by the international agreements of the Republic of Armenia.

    By the expiration of the visa dates it should be prolonged at the Passport and Visa Department (Davtashen, 4th District, 17/10 Building). In case of an expired visa the citizen will be subject to a fine.

    Visa can also be obtained prior to the arrival (online) by applying to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RA.

    More detailed information regarding visa provision can be found at the website of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of RA.
  • Is insurance included in your services?
    All kind of transportation services, provided by our company, include insurance of the vehicle and passengers (in case of road accident) in the territory of Armenia. As of travel/health insurance, it would be advisable to make the needed arrangements in companies dealing with insurance in the country of your stay in advance, before traveling to Armenia. Anyway, it is possible to make insurance upon your arrival to Armenia as well, by visiting, for example, "Rosgosstrakh Armenia" local insurance company in Yerevan.
  • What should I do in case I lost my luggage?
    In case you happen to miss your luggage upon arrival in "Zvartnots" International Airport, you need to visit the "Lost & Found" department before you exit from the Arrival Hall of the airport.
  • Which are the traditional dishes of the Armenian cuisine?
    The traditional and most popular Armenian dishes are tolma (minced beef or lamb, rice and spices, wrapped in grape or cabbage leaves, or else stuffed in vegetables), khorovats (barbecue), kyufta (beef, beaten by a wooden hammer, mixed with onion and spices, served with butter), khash (a rich broth made of calves' feet and hoof), spas (Armenian yogurt soup), harisa (a thick, savory porridge of cracked wheat and pounded chicken or lamb), ghapama (rice, chopped dried fruits and raisins stuffed in a pumpkin). Lavash – Armenian traditional thin bread, is an integral part of practically any meal.
  • Any Food Delivery service contacts?
    You can order all kind of food, vegetables, fruits and dishes of various cuisines of the world from the following website: Online payment method is available.
  • What concert-halls, theatres and cinemas are there in Yerevan?
    You can get detailed information about concert-halls, theatres, as well as cinemas with upcoming concerts, plays and films at the following websites: or
  • When can I watch singing-dancing fountains show in Republic Square?
    Republic Square is a perfect place to enjoy singing-dancing fountains show. One can listen to various popular tunes through multicolor light sets starting from early May till mid-autumn, each day of a week from 20:00 till 23:00, except Tuesday (the sanitary day).
  • Is it safe to walk in Yerevan late at night?
    Yerevan is a safe, friendly and calm city. In the year of 2018 it was ranked #36 among "The 50 Safest Cities in the World" by "The Daily Meal" and #7 according to 2019 Global Law and Order Report.
  • Do I need to carry my passport with me while going out in the city?
    It is not necessary to carry your passport when going out of the place of your living. Just make sure to take it while exchanging sums exceeding 100 000 AMD. Referring to the tours, organized by our company, passport is needed to bring only on the days of the group tours with destinations to Georgia for hotel check-in or/and border crossing, as well as during the individual tours having similar destinations and any tours with an overnight.
  • What activities are there in Yerevan for kids?
    Yerevan loves children of all ages:) A colorful range of activities awaits them here: "Water World", Yerevan Zoo, Yerevan Botanical Garden, Victory park, "Yerevan Children's Railway", "Captain Kid's Treasure Island", "Cityzen", "Play City", "Orange Elephant", "Grand Candy" and even more! Contact us and we will arrange an interesting & funny pastime for your kids!
  • What activities would you suggest for extreme lovers?
    Extreme lovers would definitely enjoy safe & sound ropeways, paragliding, ziplining, rafting as well as hiking & trekking in different regions of Armenia. For more details, please, contact us.
  • What is the currency in Armenia? What currency should I bring with me when traveling to Armenia? Where can I exchange money?
    The national currency of Armenia is called Dram (AMD) and, according to law, all goods and services must be paid for in Armenian Dram only. Credit and debit cards are widely used in the capital city Yerevan, with ATM's found in major towns of Armenia. However, if you are planning to visit more rural or remote areas, be sure to take enough cash:) From your country of stay you can bring to Armenia any currency you prefer for it will be possible to exchange it in "Zvartnots" International Airport just on the day of your arrival, also in all the banks and currency exchange offices throughout the country. Make sure to carry your passport with you while exchanging sums exceeding 100 000 AMD.
  • What mobile communication operators are there in Armenia?
    There are 3 mobile operators – "Beeline", "VivaCell", "Ucom", functioning over almost the entire territory of Armenia. Sim cards can be purchased at "Zvartnots" International Airport, the offices of the mentioned operators or big stores, presenting a passport copy. The cards provide 3G/4G connection and high speed Internet. For making calls by the cell phone to the fixed-line number in Yerevan it is necessary to dial 0 then city code followed by the number.
  • What are the emergency contact numbers?
    • Fire Department – 101
    • Police – 102
    • Ambulance – 103
    • Gas Emergency Service – 104
    • Emergency Situations Crisis Management Center – 911, 101
    • Municipality of Yerevan Hotline – 108
    • Ombudsman (Human Rights Defender) of Armenia Hotline – 116
  • What is the electricity system in Armenia?
    The electricity in Armenia is 220 V, 50 Hz, as in almost all of Europe. The Armenian socket standard is CEE, mostly without grounding. The outlet adaptors for the standards of different countries can be purchased in almost all home appliances and electronics stores in Yerevan.
  • What time zone is Armenia on?
    Armenia Standard Time is 4 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+4). Starting from 2012, Armenia has abolished daylight saving time.
  • What means of public transportation are there in Armenia?
    The following means of public transportation are available in Armenia:

    • Metro. Yerevan subway system has one line stretching from the north to the south of the city with 10 stations. The fare is 100 AMD.
    • Buses. There are buses running in major directions. The fare is 100 AMD.
    • Minibuses. 12-15 seater minibuses run in almost every direction. The fare is 100 AMD.
    • Taxi Services. There are many taxi service offices, which accept orders by phone and offer comfortable cars. The fare is 100 AMD per km (the minimum fare is 600 AMD). It is possible to take a taxi also at the crossroads and crowded places. Besides, there are special mobile applications, such as "GG", "Yandex Taxi", "Utaxi", etc. (available for Android and iOS) which can be used to order a taxi.
  • What are the schedules of public transport?
    You can plan your bus or train journey around Armenia and get detailed information about the schedules of public transport with the help of the following website.
  • Can I rent a vehicle with a driver? What type of driving license should I have in case I prefer to drive a car myself?
    Yes, of course, you can rent different types of cars, SUVs, minivans, minibuses or buses. Please, get acquainted with conditions and prices by visiting Transportation – Hourly Rental section of our website.

    In case you prefer to drive a car on your own, it is necessary to have a valid driving license, written in Latin or Cyrillic characters. For car rent services you may apply to "Caravan Rent a Car" company.
  • Are there any sights in Armenia not available for wheelchair users? How can I rent a wheelchair?
    Most part of the sights of interest in Armenia (churches, monasteries, caves, waterfalls, etc.), unfortunately, either do not have access or are too hard reachable for wheelchair users. In case you want to rent a wheelchair or some other equipment, here is the FB link of "Wheels On Wheels" company, following which you can get the needed details. Contact number: +374 91 016 565.
  • Where can I send a postcard from?
    You can buy and send postcards from all the branches of "HAYPOST" CJSC. One of the central post offices is located at the Republic Square, opposite the Government building and the other on Nalbandyan street, just opposite our Head Office. Read more detailed information regarding the themes and symbolism of Armenian postcards, as well as stamps on the official website of "HAYPOST" CJSC.
  • Where in Armenia would you suggest spending summer/winter vacations?
    In summer the nature of Armenia reaches its peak of bloom in Sevan, Dilijan, Jermuk and Aghveran, at the meantime, Tsaghkadzor and Jermuk are the best places for spending an active winter vacation and getting engaged in winter sports.

    The detailed information about various resorts in regions is available by the following link: Hotels in Armenia.
  • What hot springs are there in Armenia and how can I get there?
    Armenia is famous for its hot springs in Jermuk, Arzni, Hankavan and Arzakan. Thanks to the healing qualities, they are widely used for medical purposes. There are numerous resorts and sanatoriums around the hot springs, where one can both undergo medical treatments and enjoy fresh air of the forests. It is needed to contact us so as we can offer and organize a quality health rest for you.
  • Is it possible to experience the Armenian village life?
    We will be pleased to organize a tour for you to Armenian villages, where there will be a chance to get acquainted with the everyday life: bake Armenian traditional bread lavash in tonirs, make cheese, matsoon, honey, home wine, sujukh, have dinner with locals, ride a horse and many many more. You simply need to contact us so that we can organize for you an interesting option of discovering the village life of Armenia.
  • Is it possible to be hosted by Armenian families for a few days to get acquainted with Armenian everyday life?
    We – Armenians, are a very hospitable nation and any guest is always welcome in our families. If you want to feel the real Armenian-family atmosphere, become a part of it and get immersed in our traditions, customs and habits, here is the right option: just contact us.
  • Where from can I take the best view of Mount Ararat?
    You can admire Biblical Mount Ararat from Khor Virap monastic complex or the arch of Charents during our tours, as well as from a special viewpoint opening from Cascade Complex in Yerevan. Most units located in the centre of Yerevan, offered by our company, also have a view of the enchanting Ararat.
  • Is it allowed to smoke anywhere?
    Since here in Armenia we all value healthy future, it is forbidden to smoke in public places, cafes, restaurants, etc. It is not allowed to smoke while driving means of transport either. Also, to mention, in some of hotels, there are still smoking rooms.
  • Is it safe to drink tap water?
    Armenia is one of the exceptional countries where it is safe to drink tap water, the latter generally flows from mountain springs. Even in all towns and villages you can come across small water springs in the form of a stone monument (pulpulaks), which provide passers-by with free clean drinking water. Pulpulaks first appeared in the streets of Yerevan in the 1920s and over time became widespread as an integral part of Armenian culture.
  • What general words and expressions should I know to contact with the locals?
    Knowing some useful words and phrases will help you in contacting local people, expressing your gratitude, politeness, etc.:

    Հյուր սերվիս Hyoo՛r Servi՛s Guest service
    Բարև  Bare՛v Hi
    Ցտեսություն Tstesootyoo՛n Goodbye
    Այո Ayo՛ Yes
    Ոչ Vo՛ch No
    Շնորհակալություն Shnorhakalootyoo՛n Thank you
    Լավ La՛v Ok/good
    Ընկեր Enke՛r Friend
    Իմ անունն է ... I՛m anoo՛nn e ... My name is ...
    Խնդրում եմ ... Khentroo՛m em ... Please ...
    Ո՞նց ես: Vo՛nts es? How are you? (singular)
    Ի՞նչ արժի I՛nch arzhi՛? How much does it cost?
    Կօգնե՞ք ինձ: Koqne՛q i՛ndz? Would you help me?
    Ես սիրում եմ Հայաստանը: Ye՛s siroo՛m em Hayasta՛neh! I love Armenia!
    Ես կրկին կայցելեմ Հայաստան: Ye՛s krki՛n kaytsele՛m Hayasta՛n! I will visit Armenia again!
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