About "Hyur Service" Company

  • Who we are, Our Mission and Goals
    To understand us and our company you just have to know that we love Armenia.
    We love it unconditionally.
    We love it infinitely.
    We love it so much, it would pain us to think that someone, anyone might come to Armenia and not fall in love with it, as we have.

    And so, it is our mission to make you fall in love with Armenia.
    Everything we do, we do so you will love Armenia the way we love Armenia.

    From your first contact with us,
    to your first steps in our sacred soil,
    to your first morning waking up here,
    to your first taste of a real apricot and real lavash,
    to your first view of Mount Ararat,
    through it all,
    up to the last tears of goodbyes
    we do our best to help you enjoy it all, to help you forget the mundane and dive into the wonders of Armenia.

    And so, 
    we are not a travel agency,
    and we are not a service provider,
    and we are not a hotel,
    and we are not a tour operator.
    We are just a friend who wants to introduce you to the next love of your life.

    But beware, once you fall in love with Armenia, there is no cure, you'll be in love forever.
    And that's when we'd have accomplished our goals!
  • How we began
    It all started with the year of 2001, when Armenia celebrated the 1700th anniversary of the proclamation of Christianity as a state religion. So as to take part in this significant event that year around 90 000 tourists visited Armenia, which was an unprecedented case for those years, becoming a major impulse for the launch of tourism in Armenia. There occurred a lot of difficulties in accommodating that huge amount of tourist flows in a proper way for there were very few hotels and tourist service providers, at the same time the availability of internet was nearly none. Part of the visitors came to Armenia within the framework of the state events, the others – with the help of their acquaintances and relatives, and the rest had purchased "standard group packages" from the travel companies of their home countries in advance.

    Having analyzed the difficulties tourists had to deal with, we were wondering... What should tourists do if they want to visit Armenia at their preferred period of time, have overnight at a hotel or apartment meeting their own requirements, have tours around places they were interested in, get various services needed during their stay? How can they find, choose and order those services? We decided to create a company offering the mentioned possibilities so that the ones planning a visit to Armenia could even before their arrival receive useful advice, choose and order all the services, which further they were going to need in Armenia. All the above enumerated formed the name of our company – "Hyur Service" – Services For Guests Visiting Armenia.

    The company was registered on June 25, 2002 and the first office was opened in July of the same year, with only 3 employees in a simple room covering 20 sq. m. at Charents street, Yerevan. We bought a used "Pentium II" computer, also some office furniture and supplies, and began to form a website offering tourist services in three languages – Armenian, English and French. The website started to operate in a couple of months and the first tourist applied to the services of our company in October of 2002 year.
  • Our Values
    • Purposefulness and Dedication
    • Warmth and Cordiality
    • Care and Compassion
    • Teamwork and Personal Approach
    • Encouragement and Continuous Learning
    • Diligence and Initiative
    • Efficiency and Top Quality
    • Creativity and Innovation
  • Our Achievements
    • It's been a long time since "Hyur Service" has become one of the leading tour companies in Armenia. It is operating in 4 different offices in Yerevan, including one at "Zvartnots" International Airport.
    • The official website of our company is like a tourism encyclopedia about Armenia in 7 languages, having 360 000 visitors a year.
    • Our team of more than 100 professional and dedicated employees daily opens the doors to Armenian hospitality for our guests from almost 180 countries of the World.
    • During 2023 year more than 120 000 tourists used the services of our company.
    • The average annual growth of our company is around 15%.
    • Our transportation fleet includes more than 40 top level buses, minibuses and cars.
    • Starting from 2006 yearly we have been organizing special training courses, thanks to which over 250 specialists with the command of different languages have become highly qualified tour guides.
    • During the past years we were awarded many times by our guests, partners, as well as the government. It was an honor for us to become "The Best Tour Operator in Armenia" in various award ceremonies.
    • Thanks to thousands of guest reviews, "Hyur Service" is ranked #1 on TripAdvisor World Tourism Mega Platform among all the objects of Armenia.
  • Our Dream
    Every moment we proudly introduce our Motherland – one of the most ancient and cozy corners of the World. We do hope to see each of our guests coming back to Armenia for yet another visit with friends and relatives. Our greatest dream is Armenia to be listed in the travel plan of every single person in the World... And we feel how our dream is coming true every day…
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