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How do you decide which type of transport service to choose? What makes "Hyur Service" different from taxi services and what are the advantages? Here's how to book quickly and easily.
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  • 💲 Convenient Booking: When booking a transfer, simply select your departure and destination points in Armenia or Georgia. You will see a price list based on the vehicle types. Transfers can be arranged from any address of the starting point to any address of the desired destination.

    🚗 Modern Fleet: Our fleet features modern, high-quality vehicles, including sedans, minivans, minibuses and tourist coaches. These vehicles are typically 3-4 years old and run on gasoline or diesel.

    ☂️ Fully Equipped Vehicles: Our vehicles are always in perfect condition, insured, equipped with air conditioners, GPS systems, umbrellas, bottled water, fire extinguishers and first aid kits. Our drivers are professionals with many years of experience.

    ↔️ Return Transfers: You can also book a return transfer at the same time, saving the hassle of making another reservation. This often results in a more cost-effective price for round trips compared to booking each leg separately.

    💺 Detailed Information: On our website, you can view photos and technical details of all vehicles, including passenger capacity and space of luggage. You can also select baby car seats, which are provided at no extra cost.

    🛬 Airport Transfers: If your transfer is from Yerevan, Tbilisi or Gyumri airport, be sure that our drivers will monitor flight data to ensure they are there on time. They will greet you with a smile and assist with your luggage.

    🙌 🙌 🙌 We believe that you noticed our advantages over traditional taxi services in all listed points. If you know your departure and destination points, visit the "Transfers" page to book your ride.
  • ♾️ Unlimited Flexibility: Rent a vehicle with a driver at your disposal for the entire rental period. Enjoy unlimited mileage, stops and variety of places as you travel wherever and as much as you want.

    Inclusive Pricing: Vehicles are rented only with a driver for trips in Armenia and Georgia. The quoted prices cover fuel, parking and the driver's food and lodging.

    Easy Booking: Specify the rental period you need, and all available options with prices will be displayed on our website. Choose your preferred starting place and address, as well as drop off location, if different.

    🔁 Special Discounts: If you plan to use the vehicle only within a specific area, mention this during booking. For example, selecting the option to "exploit the vehicle only within Yerevan" will result in a significantly lower price.

    🙌 🙌 🙌 Not sure of your exact travel route? This service is perfect for you. Visit the "Hourly Rental" page, select your date and transport, and our drivers will be at your service for the entire specified period.
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