Our Mission

Every day we host hundreds of guests and introduce our Motherland – one of the most ancient and cozy corners of the World. Our mission is to make the guests fall in love with Armenia. Everything we do, we do so everyone loves Armenia the way we love it.



always serves as the best way to carry little piece of Armenia with you! Enjoy your weekends visiting this large open-air market in Yerevan, located along Aram and Buzand streets. It’s a unique place, where time, years, seasons mix up to teleport you to a garden of red, blue and orange colors, spangles and patterns. Only here you can feel yourself a king/queen trying on Armenian national taraz (garb) before the mirror, in the reflection of which little kids are picking apricots and pomegranates from the trees to wear its stones on their necks and then rush to have a rest on carpets for revealing the sacred symbols through the ornaments, that reached us from the depth of centuries. Even when you are back to your country, the wooden rhythms of nardi (Armenian board game backgammon) will stay on your mind while savoring wine from clay jars and twisting in hands the mini-mount Ararat, purchased from here.

Feel the flavor of Armenia