Mother Cathedral of Holy Echmiadzin, St. Hripsime Church, St. Gayane Church, Gata making master class, Voskeni wine factory

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Mother Cathedral of Holy Echmiadzin, St. Hripsime Church, St. Gayane Church, Gata making master class, Voskeni wine factory

1. Mother Cathedral of Holy Echmiadzin
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Mother Cathedral of Holy Echmiadzin
The center of Armenian Apostolic church – St. Echmiadzin is located 20 km far from Yerevan. The Cathedral of Echmiadzin was founded at the beginning of the fourth century and is one of the oldest churches in the world. According to the legend, the church was built in the place where apparition of Jesus Christ was seen to Gregory The Illuminator in the dream. The interior of the church is covered with frescoes, created by Hovnatanyan family. The residence of the Catholicos and the Theological Academy are situated near the Cathedral. Starting from the end of 2018 year till the present day reconstruction works are being carried out, thus the visit of Mother Cathedral currently is foreseen only from outside. The site is included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.
2. St. Hripsime Church
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St. Hripsime Church
St. Hripsime church is one of the famous ecclesiastical buildings in the city of Echmiadzin. This is the developed and perfect example of cross-cupola churches in Armenia. The church is notable with its architectural simplicity and loftiness. The tomb of the Christian martyr Virgin Hripsime is in the sacristy of the church. The site is included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.
3. St. Gayane Church
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St. Gayane Church
Not far from the Echmiadzin Cathedral, against the background of white peaks of Ararat, one can see the silhouette of the cupola of St. Gayane church. It was built in the 7th century and belongs to the domed-basilica style. According to the legend, this church was constructed over the tomb of Virgin Gayane, who had been martyred for preaching Christianity. The site is included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.
Gata making master class
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Gata making master class
Gata is a very popular traditional Armenian pastry, baked in tonirs or else regular ovens. Having a pie shape, it differs from ordinary pies in its filling. The most common variety of filling is flour, butter, sugar and vanilla (all together those ingredients are called khoriz) and the ingredients of dough include flour, butter, soda and matzoon (Armenian yogurt). Other delectable version is gata with walnuts inside. In each region of Armenia gata is prepared in its own unique way, thus different in shape, taste, size and look.

During this "tasty" master class you will learn the hidden secrets of baking and decorating the pastry. Tasting is included in the price.
4. Voskeni wine factory
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Voskeni wine factory
In the early 1920s businessman Smbat Mateossian repatriated to Soviet Armenia from Boston, establishing a winery in Ararat valley, however, during that hard period Bolsheviks confiscated his vineyard. In 2008 Mateossian's heirs finally bought back the vineyard and founded a modern company, that produces high quality wines. Today you can visit this place to get enlightened to the family's story and also taste the sophisticated wines, made from autochtone varieties. The following degustation options are available:
  • Option 1 – tasting of 2-3 types of wine with snacks at 11 500 AMD p/p;
  • Option 2 – tasting of 2-3 types of wine with breakfast at 13 200 AMD p/p;
  • Option 3 – tasting of 3-4 types of wine with lunch at 19 200 AMD p/p (for up to 5 guests) and 16 200 AMD p/p (for more than 5 guests).

  • The reservations should be made in advance.


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    • Explore incredible UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites
    • See the very first Christian cathedral in the World
    • Learn the "sweet" secrets of gata-making
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