Lake Sevan, Hayravank Monastery, Noratus, Khachkar (cross-stone) carving master class, Mikayelyan Family Farm

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Lake Sevan, Hayravank Monastery, Noratus Crosstones, Khachkar (cross-stone) carving master class, Mikayelyan Family Farm

1. Lake Sevan
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Lake Sevan
The fascination and the "pearl" of mountainous Armenia is Lake Sevan, which is one of the world's greatest high altitude fresh-water lakes. It is about 1900 m above sea level. The lake is of volcanic origin and is surrounded with mountains of 3000 m and higher. The beautiful landscape and the crystal water serve nice preconditions for excellent rest.The lake is also famous for its peninsula and medieval church complex, built in 874.
2. Hayravank Monastery
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Hayravank Monastery
The church of Hayravank is built on a high rock on the shore of Lake Sevan. There is no written testimony concerning the date of its foundation, however, according to the constructional solutions, it has gained its place among the 9th century architectural pillars. This cozy church is built of roughly hewn stone and looks rather modest.
3. Noratus Crosstones
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Noratus Crosstones
The art of khachkar (cross-stone) is the most original manifestation of Armenian medieval culture. Noratus, truly considered to be a forest of khachkars and an open-air museum, displays hundreds of khachkars, the most stunning of which are the so-called "embroidered" ones, typical to the 13th-14th centuries. This is a unique place, where one can reveal the development of khachkarial art in its historical process. Armenian cross-stones art is included in UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.
4. Khachkar carving master class in Noratus
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Khachkar carving master class in Noratus
Khachkar ("khach" – cross, "kar" – stone, translated from Armenian) is a characteristic of medieval christian Armenian art, one of the most typical symbols of Armenian identity. Khachkars are most commonly used as memorials or tombstones. The biggest "collection" of khachkars in Armenia is in Noratus cemetery. There are several types of khachkars with different symbols, ornaments and meaning. The oldest khachkar known dates back to the year of 879 and is erected in Garni. It is dedicated to queen Katranide First, the wife of king Ashot First Bagratuni.

Armenian cross-stones art is included in UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Today khachkar carving master class is popular especially among tourists for it gives an exclusive opportunity to learn the intricate motifs of crosses, rosettes and botanical elements, create a small souvenir with own hands and take a piece of the ageless country together with them.

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5. Mikayelyan Family Farm
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Mikayelyan Family Farm
Did you know that Armenia’s rich cuisine also includes some extremely tasty and natural artisanal cheeses? In Gegharkunik region there is a family farm, that makes its own milk from their own livestock in alpine pastures. And this natural milk is turned into a variety of cheeses. Here cheeses are made using wine and cognac coverings, also there are traditional types of Armenian cheeses, like the popular horats cheese and also some European varieties (parmesan type cheeses). Mikayelyan family farm has a spacious and comfortable space for visitors. Tour consists of visiting underground cheese cellar, learning about Armenian cheesemaking process, traditions and also tasting of different cheese types. Nice time in a beautiful and friendly atmosphere is guaranteed.

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