Alphabet Alley, Dendropark, Lori Berd Fortress, Haghpat (overnight), Rafting on Debed River, Zarni-Parni Cave Complex, Yerevan

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Armenian Alphabet Alley, Stepanavan Dendropark, Lori Berd Fortress, Haghpat Monastery

1. Armenian Alphabet Alley
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Armenian Alphabet Alley
Armenian Alphabet Monument is located in the village of Artashavan, at the east side bottom of Mount Aragats. It was erected in 2005 to the 1600th anniversary of creation of the Armenian alphabet by the design of the famous Armenian architect Jim Torosyan. The monument is an interesting demonstration of the stone carvings of 39 Armenian letters. The Armenian alphabet has been used to write the Armenian language since the year 405 or 406 and is still used to present Armenian language in written form. It was devised by Saint Mesrop Mashtots, an Armenian linguist and ecclesiastical leader, in order to make the Bible accessible to Armenians and spread Christianity. Originally it contained 36 letters and had been completed in the Middle Ages.
2. Stepanavan Dendropark
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Stepanavan Dendropark
Stepanavan Dendropark is the only garden in Southern Caucasus, that was transformed from a forest into an arboretum. The majority of the territory of Dendropark is still covered by the verdurous forest, while the rest is surrounded by exotic and unique plants and trees. The air is saturated with fragrant and healthful pine oil and, therefore, is recommended to all the people with breathing problems. There are approximately 500 plant types in Dendropark, among which California Sequoias and the Fir Greenhouse are the most peculiar ones.
There is a tradition connected with the beautiful wooden bridge, located in Dendropark. The wish made when passing the bridge for the first time, is believed to come true.
3. Lori Fortress
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Lori Fortress
Medieval city-fortress Lori (Lori berd) was founded in the 11th century. It is located at the intersection of Lori's picturesque gorges, and the two old bridges are connecting it with the outside world. One of them was completely repaired and only one part is kept from the other one. Regardless the fact that the fortress was cruelly destroyed, some parts of it, including the bathrooms and the chapel-mausoleum, were kept. There are unique murals found in the residential areas of the fortress, which, if compared to the other contemporary paintings, are in secular manner. The household and military possessions, found during the archeological excavations, tell a lot about its history and culture. There are different tools, weapons, jewelry, various vessels made of clay, glass or stone found in the fortress. They serve as a historical proof for different kinds of handicrafts being well developed in Lori.
4. Haghpat Monastery
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Haghpat Monastery
Situated not far from Sanahin, Haghpat monastery has its significant place in the historical and cultural life of Armenia. It was built during the reign of king Ashot Bagratuni. Numerous valuable manuscripts and miniature paintings have been produced in the scriptorium of Haghpat for many centuries. In the 18th century the famous Armenian bard Sayat-Nova u sed to live and create in this monastery. The belfry with its unique architectural composition is of stunning interest. The site is included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

Rafting on Debed River, Zarni-Parni Cave Castle Complex, Yerevan

1. Rafting on Debed River
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Rafting on Debed River
Rafting is gradually becoming one of the most popular activities of extreme tourism in Armenia. It may seem, that such an extreme sport can be handled by professionals only, however Debed River welcomes everyone, even with little or no experience at all. During rafting on Debed, besides full of adrenaline and unforgettable experience, one can also discover some historical and cultural monuments of Armenia, located along the river, such as Haghpat and Sanahin monasteries, included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.

The reservations should be made in advance.
2. Zarni-Parni Cave Castle Complex
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Zarni-Parni Cave Castle Complex
Zarni-Parni is a cave castle complex in Lori region. It is located in a forest canyon with a magnificent view of the Kayan fortress, which is close to the village of Haghpat, famous for its monastery. The complex consists of the "Zarni er" and "Parni er" castles, as well as the "Tsak er" cave. Some historical records note, that renowned scholar and philosopher Hovhannes Imastaser used to live and work in this cave. Currently the area is turned into a historical museum, where one can find number of rare ancient agricultural tools and household items.

Near the cave there is a tavern and winery to enjoy local drinks and dishes of Armenian cuisine.

Evening time can be well "spiced" with a splendid view from the observation deck over a bonfire (at an additional cost of 10 000 AMD).
3. Yerevan
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Yerevan is the capital city of Armenia, a city, which is 29 years older than Rome! It dates back to 782 BC, when the fortress of Erebuni was built by king Argishti The First. Yerevan is often referred to as "The Pink City" for many buildings are made of pink tuff stone. The capital city is a major tourist destination thanks to its numerous landmarks, extensive nightlife, great museums and lovely parks.


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