Bjni Fortress, Tsaghkadzor Ropeway, Kecharis Monastery, Zipline flight

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Bjni Fortress, Tsaghkadzor Ropeway, Kecharis Monastery, Zipline Tsaghkadzor

1. Bjni Fortress
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Bjni Fortress
St. Astvatsatsin monastery of Bjni was founded in 1031. St. Astvatsatsin – the main church of the monastery, was built by Grigor Magistros (Master) Pahlavuni. An Episcopal chair should have been established here. The monastery of Bjni, also known as "Master's Seminary", used to be the centre of Medieval Armenian manuscripts. In 1637 French traveler Sharden spent a night here. Later he gave the description of the monastery in his travel notes. Not far from the monastery of Bjni there stands the fortress of Bjni, located on upland promontory, surrounded by impregnable rocks. The exact date of its founding is not known. It has been referred to and mentioned since the early Middle Ages. In the 10th century the ancient fortress on cliffs was rebuilt by Pahlavuni princes and transformed into a powerful fortress of Medieval Armenia. A legend is connected with the monastery of Bjni. It is said, that the fortress and the monastery of Bjni were joint by underground way, through which, with the help of four-wheeled carts, food and drinks were carried to prisoners. During excavations some part of underground passage was revealed.
2. Tsaghkadzor Ropeway
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Tsaghkadzor Ropeway
In Tsaghkadzor, the popular ski resort of Armenia, there is a chairlift with 5 stations and more than a dozen ski runs. The armchaired ropeway of Tsaghkadzor is located on the eastern slope of Mount Teghenis 1966-2819 m above sea level. It has been functioning since 1967. From the height of 2819 m, where the speedy chairlift will take you in 32 minutes, all of Armenia is visible at a glance, and if weather is clear, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of Mount Ararat. In 2004 the former ropeway was replaced with a new, modern one, also in 2017 important investments were made. Now the ropeway is well equipped, the active and safe rest for tourists is guaranteed.
3. Kecharis Monastery
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Kecharis Monastery
Kecharis monastery is in the north-western part of Tsaghkadzor. It was built in 11-13th centuries. The monastery consists of four churches and a half-destroyed mausoleum of Grigorius Pahlavuni, who financed the building of the monastery.
4. Tsaghkadzor Zipline
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Tsaghkadzor Zipline
Zipline Tsaghkadzor is located not far from the renowned Kecharis monastery. It is a great destination for lovers of active leisure – full of adrenaline and emotions. What can be better than views of picturesque nature from the hight of clouds?

The flight is carried out in 3 stages:

Flight from the starting point (480 m);
Climbing on foot (150 m);
Return flight to the starting point (630 m).

The bookings of the flights should be made in advance.


  • Professional drivers
  • Air-conditioned vehicles
  • Bottled water
  • Free pick-up & drop-off within Yerevan
  • Vehicle & passengers insurance
  • Extra stops on the route upon request


  • Significant deviations from the route
  • Alcoholic beverages if lunch option selected
  • Audio guides
  • WiFi in the vehicles
  • Observe the 11th century architectural details
  • Explore the scenic mountain ranges
  • Take part in an exciting experience

*Some distance should be covered on foot to reach the fortress