Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, performance of spiritual songs by Luys Vocal Quintet

Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, Luys Vocal Quintet

1. Garni Temple
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Garni Temple
Garni temple, which towers over a triangular cape, is the unique survived example of heathen culture in Armenia. It is a blend of Greco-Roman and Armenian styles. King Trdat The First ordered building the temple in the first century AD and dedicated it to the God of Sun. After adopting Christianity in 301, the pagan temple lost its significance and the fortress of Garni became the summer residence of the kings. Nowadays the ruins of the royal palace and the bathroom with a stunning mosaic work can be found near the temple.
2. Geghard Monastery
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Geghard Monastery
Geghard monastery is the unsurpassable masterpiece of the 13th century Armenian architecture. Some of the churches of the complex are masterfully hewn in a huge rock. From the outset the complex was called Ayrivank (cave monastery), later it was renamed Geghard (lance) as the lance, used by the roman soldier to sting Jesus Christ's side, had been kept in this monastery for many centuries. Due to its construction, Geghardavank serves the best place for singing spiritual songs. The complex is rich in subtle sculptural embellishments and many striking khachkars (cross-stones). The site is included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.
Luys Vocal Quintet
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Luys Vocal Quintet
Are you planning to visit the so famous Geghard monastery? Did you know that apart from being included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List, it is also popular for its acoustics, helping to experience the magic of Armenian medieval spiritual and folk songs in this breathtaking place?
"Luys" vocal quintet's performances stand for a perfect way of making the visit to Geghard monastery unforgettable and most complete. The quintet's performers' unique voices are often described as a "harmonious light symphony".

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