Saghmosavank Monastery, Armenian Alphabet Alley, Armenia Wine factory, ArmAs wine factory

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Saghmosavank Monastery, Armenian Alphabet Alley, Armenia Wine factory, ArmAs wine factory

1. Saghmosavank Monastery
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Saghmosavank Monastery
5 km far from Hovhanavank monastery, on the edge of Kasakh river canyon, in the 13th century Vachutian dukes built Saghmosavank monastery. The main church is adjacent to the scriptorium, where many manuscripts have been produced during centuries. Saghmosavank underwent the devastating influence of the earthquake in 1988. The reconstruction, completed in 2000, returned the church its beauty and glory.
2. Armenian Alphabet Alley
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Armenian Alphabet Alley
Armenian Alphabet Monument is located in the village of Artashavan, at the east side bottom of Mount Aragats. It was erected in 2005 to the 1600th anniversary of creation of the Armenian alphabet by the design of the famous Armenian architect Jim Torosyan. The monument is an interesting demonstration of the stone carvings of 39 Armenian letters. The Armenian alphabet has been used to write the Armenian language since the year 405 or 406 and is still used to present Armenian language in written form. It was devised by Saint Mesrop Mashtots, an Armenian linguist and ecclesiastical leader, in order to make the Bible accessible to Armenians and spread Christianity. Originally it contained 36 letters and had been completed in the Middle Ages.
3. Armenia Wine factory
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Armenia Wine factory
Founded in 2008, "Armenia Wine" is one of the largest wineries in Armenia. Equipped with modern facilities, it has a full set of resources for ensuring quality winemaking during the whole production process of sparkling and still wines. Within the tour one will visit the cellars, see the unique production process, and also savour the wide range of wines produced here in a special tasting room.

The following degustation packages are available:

  • Option 1 – tasting of 3 types of "Yerevan" wine at 8000 AMD p/p;
  • Option 2 – tasting of 3 types of "Takar" wine at 9500 AMD p/p.

Other saturated tasting options are also possible to book.

The reservations should be made in advance.
4. ArmAs wine factory
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ArmAs wine factory
In 2007 Armenak Aslanian repatriated to Armenia and, in order to preserve the family's 80-years-long tradition of wine-making, established the "Golden Grapes ArmAs". The tour in the estate starts with visiting picturesque vineyards and orchards, then it continues in the distillery, where guests are introduced to the production methods and age-old custom of barrel aging. Also, an educational wine tasting can be organized in the Tasting Room or else on the balcony with magnificent view of the estate and Biblical Mount Ararat.

The following packages are available for visitors:

  • Option 1 – tasting of 3 Premium wines selection at 10 000 AMD p/p;
  • Option 2 – tasting of 4 Premium wines selection with lunch at 17 000 AMD p/p;
  • Option 3 – tasting of 5 Premium wines selection with dinner at 25 000 AMD p/p;
  • Option 4 – tasting of 9 Premium wines selection with dinner at 40 000 AMD p/p.

The reservations should be made in advance, the last tour can be ordered at 15:00.


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