Karmravor Church, Gourmet Dourme Chocolate House, Oshakan, Armenia Wine factory

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Karmravor Church, Gourmet Dourme Chocolate House, Oshakan, Armenia Wine

1. Karmravor Church
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Karmravor Church
This exquisite church is considered to be the jewel of Ashtarak, resembling a monolith pillar due to its small sizes and architectural solutions. It was built in the 7th century and has come to our days almost intact. The church of Karmravor has a cross-shaped ground plan both from inside and outside.
2. Gourmet Dourme Chocolate House
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Gourmet Dourme Chocolate House
"Gourmet Dourme" is a brand of chocolate founded in Armenia in 2007 by Pierre and Diran Bagdadians, two brothers from France and Austria. The name of the brand is of Armenian and French origin: "gourmet" meaning epicure and "dourme" – chocolate. Тhe chocolate production is located in Ashtarak town of Aragatsotn province and there are number of shops in Yerevan, where chocolate lovers can find wide assortment of chocolates: regular, gift and even personalized ones.

The tour in the chocolate house lasts around 30-40 minutes, during which visitors observe the process of production from behind a transparent window, afterwards there follows yummy chocolate tasting. Here one can also listen to the audio version of chocolate history and its making stages.

The price of the ticket for adults makes 600 AMD, while for children under 12 y.o. – 400 AMD p/p.

The reservations should be made in advance.
3. Oshakan
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Oshakan village has been a holy place since the 5th century, when in 440, due to the duke Vahan Amatuni's efforts, the creator of Armenian alphabet Mesrop Mashtots was buried there and a small church was built over his tomb. In the 19th century a bigger church, bearing the name of St. Mesrop Mashtots, was constructed in the place of the old one. Every year many first class schoolchildren learn the first letter of the alphabet in this church after an oath at the tomb of St. Mashtots.
4. Armenia Wine factory
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Armenia Wine factory
Founded in 2008, "Armenia Wine" is one of the largest wineries in Armenia. Equipped with modern facilities, it has a full set of resources for ensuring quality winemaking during the whole production process of sparkling and still wines. Within the tour one will visit the cellars, see the unique production process, and also savour the wide range of wines produced here in a special tasting room.

The following degustation packages are available:

  • Option 1 – tasting of 3 types of "Yerevan" wine at 8000 AMD p/p;
  • Option 2 – tasting of 3 types of "Takar" wine at 9500 AMD p/p.

Other saturated tasting options are also possible to book.

The reservations should be made in advance.


  • Professional drivers
  • Air-conditioned vehicles
  • Bottled water
  • Free pick-up & drop-off within Yerevan
  • Vehicle & passengers insurance
  • Extra stops on the route upon request


  • Significant deviations from the route
  • Audio guides
  • WiFi in the vehicles
  • Admission price is calculated for "Option 1" wine tasting package
  • Admire the details of Middle Ages architecture
  • Get an insight look into Armenian chocolate-making traditions
  • Explore the history of creation of the Armenian alphabet
  • Taste exquisite Armenian wine