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  • Fromont Michel

    michelfromont at wanadoo dot fr

    France France


    Même si, au départ, le studio qui m'a été proposé n'offrait pas toutes les commodités que j'aurais souhaitées, la gentillesse et la serviabilité de vos collaboratrices ont permis d'arranger les choses et mon séjour dans la capitale arménienne a finalement été très agréable. Je vous en remercie.

    Michel Fromont

  • Patrick

    France France


    C'était ma troisième visite à Yerevan, à deux reprises j'avais séjourné dans des hôtels, mais cette fois-ci, j'ai voulu changer, louer un appartement, découvrir une autre façon d'appréhender la vie yerevanienne et je dois dire que les services de Hyurservice m'ont apporté satisfaction.

    Je recommande à tous Hyurservice et n'hésiterai donc pas à leur renouveler ma confiance pour un prochain séjour.

    Hajoghutiun !


  • John S.

    United States of America United States of America


    Hyur Service,

    Thanks for the AAA+ service. I was in Armenia in June 2007. I have been to Armenia many times before. This was my second time using Hyur services and both times you people were great! I want to thank you for the friendly service you provided. Ill be back in the summer of 08. Ill be sure to contact you!!


  • joseph

    jsai005 at um dot edu dot mt

    Malta Malta



    sorry i am so late on posting feedback! my stay in armenia during summer was nice - liked the country. thank you for all the service and the tours i took part in, they were very good. Thanks for the trustful approach to payment and so on - as mentioned earlier by other people. thanks for the xmas greetings as well.


  • Roupen Dekmezian

    rdekmezian at hotmail dot com

    United States of America United States of America


    Dear Hyur Service Saff:

    You were a very pleasant surprise in your professional manner of providing all the services you advertise. Armenia has fallen behind in providing tourist services starting with the poor service and quality of food in most restaurants, the lack of hygiene in restrooms and the general effort to placate tourists. You were a very bright spot among the many other failings of the tourist industry of our homeland.
    Word of mouth is the best advertisement your establishment can get. keep up the good work. I hope others learn from you.
    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year.

  • Ani Babaian

    ani_babayan at yahoo dot com

    Iran Iran


    Dear Hyurservice Staff.

    I have just got back and I wanted to write to you at first opportunity to compliment you on your good service.
    I would like to add that it is due to your good services that I always feel at ease to visit Armenia and not to think about the difficulties of lodging.
    My best wishes and thanks to all your staff.

    Ani Babaian
    Isfahan, Iran
    November 2007

  • S. Khachikian

    peabodysaro at aol dot com

    United States of America United States of America


    Dear Hyurservice Staff. Thank You for another professional service to this traveler from Boston. Artur did an excellent pick up service from the Airport and delivered me to the Apartment. Luiza was very much on top of the changes and reassignments. Narineh was most accommodating in the Cleaning and any needs that came up during the stay. Azad and Artur were most helpful in Showing up in time to take care of instructions for the Washing Machine and the Heating System. Early Tuesday morning the Gentleman who came to the apartment to take the key back was RIGHT ON TIME as well. I can not recall his name.

    Hyur Service works as a TEAM. So if your name is not on this email please forgive me. Teamwork is the most important key to success.

    Thank You for a job well done. I look forward to see you on my next visit in a few months. I shall share Hyur Service with friends visiting Armenia. On the next visit I hope to take advantage of your Tours as well.

    S. Khachikian
    Boston, Massachusetts
    November 2007

  • Smith Family

    svsmith68 at frontiernet dot net

    United States of America United States of America


    Our apartment was great. Just perfect for a family of four with two grown boys. Wonderful neighborhood. The tranportation to and from the airport was prompt and easy. We had a wonderful stay in Armenia!

  • salpi chemlekian

    fineartfurniture at hotmail dot com

    United States of America United States of America


    My name is salpi chemlekian,we were in armenia aug.23 to sep 06.We came to armenia with no tour but when we were there we went everywhere with hyurservices,we had great time .The best time we had me and my husband when we were with Lilya Hovhanniyans group,she was the best tour guide we had. All the time she was smiling and friendly.The stories that she was telling us about the places that we visited was very informational and understandble.we had 3 visits with her we wish we had all the tours with her,there is always next time next year,we will see you again lilya.


    France France



    je tiens à vous féliciter pour votre professionnalisme et votre accueil
    nous n'hésiterons pas à vous recontacter si besoin et nous ferons votre promotion autour de nous
    encore merci àtous pour votre gentillesse et en particulier à vous Siranouche


  • Atoosa Babak

    nikator2 at yahoo dot com

    Iran Iran


    Dear Luiza,

    I'm writing this letter to thank you for your hospitality and service.
    Had no chance to meet you more than once, so hope to see you again in future trips!

    My husband and i thanking you again.


  • Jean Hallajian

    john dot wexford at bellnet dot ca

    Canada Canada


    Harkeli yev Shad syreli Narine

    Anunes Jean e.
    Yes yerets zavagn em Manuel Hallajiani,zores hurengaletsik zirenk antsnogh

    GU kam im yerakhdakidagan khoske eselu tsezi, yev tser antsin mitchotsav
    polor Hyureservice-i antsnagazmin,
    tser tsutsaperadz ansahamn dzarayutyunneren hamar, pasdelov vor business-e
    mimyayn pogh vasdegil tche,
    mimyayn shahagtsagan haraperutyun tche, ayl anor hed miyakharnevadz e
    martgayin azniv dakug modetsumner,
    vorun medzakuyn pasde devik tser dzarayutyunnerov.

    Syreli Narine
    partser ge kenahadem tser dzarayutyunnere yev ge khosdanam aratchin isg
    badeh aritin vor Yerevan gaytselem gam
    hantibim tsez , antsamp esem ayn intch ,zores ays dogherun entmetcehen sosg
    parerov gareli tcheghav darazavorel.

    Gergin shenorhagalutyn , vartsgernit gadar.

    Jean Hallajian

  • Morten Oddvik

    Norway Norway


    Dear Hyur Service,

    We had the pleasure to be shown around your stunning country for two days this summer by your excellent guide Lilya Hovannnsiyan and our driver Sam. We felt greatly taken care of all the way and learned a lot from our very knowledgeable guide and always safe with the driver.

    Recommended highly for everyone interested in traveling around Armenia in a safe and intelligent way.

    Warm regards,
    Morten Oddvik

  • Harout Kechichian

    info at alignementgarbis dot com

    Canada Canada


    Pari or Christina jan,

    I'm very happy to use your services (airport transportation, the tours and the rental apartment),
    everyone from the Hyurservice team was very professional and kind,
    I will refer other people without any hesitation.
    Keep up the good work and keep smiling as usual

    Thank's to all

    Harout Kechichian

  • David Pivazian

    United States of America United States of America


    Dear Hyurservice,

    I would like to express my gratitude for your efforts and high professionalism in order to satisfy your clients. Your professionalism and dedication to your customers is greatly appreciated. It was real pleasure to have a business with you and looking forward to contact you again for my next trip to Armenia.

    Thank you very much.

    David Pivazian

    Los Angeles, CA

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