Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, Lavash baking master class, Garni Canyon Symphony of stones, Lake Sevan, Sevanavank Monastery

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Garni Temple, Geghard Monastery, Lavash baking master class, Garni Canyon, Lake Sevan, Sevanavank Monastery

1. Garni Temple
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Garni Temple
Garni temple, which towers over a triangular cape, is the unique survived example of heathen culture in Armenia. It is a blend of Greco-Roman and Armenian styles. King Trdat The First ordered building the temple in the first century AD and dedicated it to the God of Sun. After adopting Christianity in 301, the pagan temple lost its significance and the fortress of Garni became the summer residence of the kings. Nowadays the ruins of the royal palace and the bathroom with a stunning mosaic work can be found near the temple.
2. Geghard Monastery
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Geghard Monastery
Geghard monastery is the unsurpassable masterpiece of the 13th century Armenian architecture. Some of the churches of the complex are masterfully hewn in a huge rock. From the outset the complex was called Ayrivank (cave monastery), later it was renamed Geghard (lance) as the lance, used by the roman soldier to sting Jesus Christ's side, had been kept in this monastery for many centuries. Due to its construction, Geghardavank serves the best place for singing spiritual songs. The complex is rich in subtle sculptural embellishments and many striking khachkars (cross-stones). The site is included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.
Lavash baking master class
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Lavash baking master class
As the saying goes: "Bread is the staff of life".

Lavash is one of the most popular gastronomic icons of Armenia, serving as an integral part of the Armenian cuisine. It is a traditional soft, thin flatbread, made in tonir (special ground oven). Although the baking process of lavash requires much of special skills, it is undertaken by women. For centuries lavash has been consumed by all classes of Armenian society, it is valued for the unique taste and the ability to be stored for quite a long period of time without losing its positive qualities.

In 2014 "The preparation, meaning and appearance of traditional bread lavash as an expression of Armenian culture" was inscribed in the UNESCO Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

During this master class you will observe and learn the millennia-old techniques of making lavash, and, of course, taste self-baked lavash together with some fresh greens and yummy local cheese. Feeling the smell of lavash once, you will save this impression for the whole life:)
3. Garni Canyon Symphony of stones
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Garni Canyon Symphony of stones
In Garni canyon one can explore stunning geological monuments, represented by columnar basalts, which are the result of lava flows. Basalt masses are broken into polyhedral columns, which, due to their regularity of form, have gained the name "Basaltic Organ".
4. Lake Sevan
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Lake Sevan
The fascination and the "pearl" of mountainous Armenia is Lake Sevan, which is one of the world's greatest high altitude fresh-water lakes. It is about 1900 m above sea level. The lake is of volcanic origin and is surrounded with mountains of 3000 m and higher. The beautiful landscape and the crystal water serve nice preconditions for excellent rest.The lake is also famous for its peninsula and medieval church complex, built in 874.
5. Sevanavank Monastery
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Sevanavank Monastery
A marvelous scene opens in the north-western part of Lake Sevan, where the peninsula towers over the transparent surface of the lake. Sevanavank monastery was built on the peninsula in 874 by the order of king Ashot Bagratuni's daughter – princess Mariam. The silhouette of the churches against the background of the turquoise lake and blue sky casts unexplainable impression on the visitors.


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  • Admire the views of Biblical Mount Ararat from Charents arch and get fantastic photos
  • Explore the 1st century pagan temple
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  • Taste most delicious Armenian traditional bread
  • Explore stunning geological monuments, named "Basaltic Organ"
  • Marvel at the wondrous scene, opening up from the Blue Pearl of Armenia

*200 steps to climb to Sevanavank