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  • Alejandro Slobodianik

    Venezuela Venezuela


    I have rented an apartment in Yerevan for 2 weeks. I found this very confortable, and I enjoyed to much my stay in Armenia. The prices are good for the apartment location. If i come back to Armenia, of course, I will use yours services. Thank you.

  • Anna Ohanyan

    United States of America United States of America


    Dear Staff at the Hyur Service:

    I wanted to thank you for your professionalism, which was so effectively combined with genuine Armenian hospitality. Initially I was a bit apprehensive about having so many visitors in Armenia. However, I was very lucky to find out about your company. Each one of you have made the stay of my guests very enjoyable.

    More importantly, it is the new start-up companies like yours that will be transforming Armenia in the years to come. Again, I really admired your professionalism and the stellar business ethics you have. I think companies such as Hyur are the gateways of tourist into Armenia, and as such, are instrumental for the tourism industry of the country.

    Once again, thank you so much for all your help. I truly appreciate it, and look forward to more interaction with Hyur in the near future. My best regards to all of you.


    Anna Ohanyan

  • Annie Margossian

    France France


    Good afternoon,
    Dear Aroussiak and Nariné,

    We were in yerevan in may 2003 and we really spent a good time thanks to you.
    Just some little words to express our gratitude and we hope you are all doing well.
    We kept your telephon number in case we return next year in Yerevan!

    Lots of hugs to you and your lovely co-workers.
    Bye bye
    Annie Margossian

  • Hratch Jabrayan

    Canada Canada


    Hello Arussiak, how are you...
    I wanted to thank everyone at Hyur Service for the professional services that were offered to us during our stay in Armenia, it made our experience that much better...a special thanks to you Arussiak, Aram, Golya and Avedik for all the fist class help they provided us with, also please say hello to Ardavazt, our driver if you see him and say all the guys and girls from Canada miss him, he was great to tour with.
    Dear Arussiak, please let Aram know, he might be receiving a call from Canada as I have some friends who are coming to Armenia in mid September and are looking for an apartment and I have recommended they use your services. I look forward to using your services again soon as I will be in Armenia again in the next few months and I will be in touch.

    Hratch Jabrayan
    AFI International Group Inc.

  • Kirill Babyev

    Russia Russia


    Dorogie Aram, Narine, Marina, Kolya i Avetik!

    Bolshoe Vam spasibo za nash otlichnyi otpusk v Armenii. Te 4-5 dnej, kotorye my proveli v Yerevane i v poezdkah po strane, ostalis' dlya nas nezabyvaemymi. Mnogo solntsa, mnogo vkusnoj edy, mnogo suvenirov i - samoe glavnoe - mnogo novyh druzej.

    Budem rady videt Vas v Moskve. Pust' Marina peredast privet svoim roditelyam. My ej ochen blagodarny za ee rasskazy ob Armenii, ee energiju i otlichnyj russkij yazyk. V pisme napravlyajem dlya nee foto.

    Do vstrechi, i vseh blag. Shnurakalutsun.

    Kirill i Lyudmila.

  • Alain Souché

    a dot souche dot com at loiret dot cci dot fr

    France France


    Hello, this is Alain. Yes, i am back home with a sunny sky. I wanted to thank everybody at Hyur Services : Nara, my guardian angel ; Marie, my nice guide ; Kolia, a hell of a driver and of course Mr President (how many coffees today ?).
    I enjoyed my stay very much and will let it know all around me. I would be happy to come back to Armenia in order to get further into the country.
    I will send you soon a postcard from Orleans and maybe some photographs, if they are good enough, taken last week. Thanks again and take care. Sincerely yours.

    Alain S

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