Hotels in Dilijan

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  • Infant (age 0-3) free of charge

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Dilijan Resort

Address: 66, Getapnya str., Dilijan

Distance: 2.2 km from center

Tufenkian Old Dilijan hotel

Address: Sharambeyan str., Dilijan

Distance: 250 m from center

Ecokayan Dilijan Resort

Address: 50, Hovq str., Dilijan

Distance: 2.2 km from center

Best Western Plus Paradise Hotel Dilijan

Address: 156, Kamo str., Dilijan

Distance: 4.9 km from center

Diligence hotel

Address: 69a, Sayat-Nova str., Dilijan

Distance: 1.7 km from center

Dilijan Park Resort

Address: 20, Parz Lich str., Dilijan

Distance: 5.8 km from center

Dilijani Tun hotel

Address: 36 house, 4th alley, Ordzhonikidze str., Dilijan

Distance: 1.4 km from center

DiliJazz hotel

Address: 1/1, 2nd str., Teghut, Dilijan

Distance: 6.6 km from center

Hover Boutique hotel

Address: 1, Andranik str., 3rd alley, Dilijan

Distance: 1.2 km from center