Armenian Alphabet Alley, Hovhannavank Monastery, Mughni Church, Tegher Monastery

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Armenian Alphabet Alley, Hovhannavank Monastery, Mughni Church, Tegher Monastery

1. Armenian Alphabet Alley
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Armenian Alphabet Alley
Armenian Alphabet Monument is located in the village of Artashavan, at the east side bottom of Mount Aragats. It was erected in 2005 to the 1600th anniversary of creation of the Armenian alphabet by the design of the famous Armenian architect Jim Torosyan. The monument is an interesting demonstration of the stone carvings of 39 Armenian letters. The Armenian alphabet has been used to write the Armenian language since the year 405 or 406 and is still used to present Armenian language in written form. It was devised by Saint Mesrop Mashtots, an Armenian linguist and ecclesiastical leader, in order to make the Bible accessible to Armenians and spread Christianity. Originally it contained 36 letters and had been completed in the Middle Ages.
2. Hovhannavank Monastery
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Hovhannavank Monastery
Hovhannavank monastery bears the name of John the Baptist. The oldest church here is the one-naved basilica, built in the 5th century. In the 13th century, under the patronage of Vachutian dukes, new buildings were added. The portal of the main church, which is embellished with evangelical motifs, is of great interest.
3. Mughni Church
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Mughni Church
The village of Mughni is situated 1.5 km to north-east of Ashtarak town. St. George church of the village is very famous as, according to the legend, it was built over the relics of St. George. The church is of domed-basilica style and was built in the 17th century. The external decoration is notable with its black and orange combination of tufa.
4. Tegher Monastery
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Tegher Monastery
The church complex Tegher is situated on the southern slope of Mount Aragats. It consists of a church and an anteroom and was built in the 13th century under the patronage of Vache Vachutian's wife – Mamakhatun. The anteroom is of great interest, on the roof of which, from the south-western and north-western corners, small chapel-like churches were built. This anteroom has a special place among the architectural monuments of Armenia, due to its costructional composition. There is a stunning view, opening from the territory of the complex to Byurakan observatory.


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