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Hotel room Prices presented on the Website, are for individual Orders, not for groups. In case of group Orders the Prices may be lower.

During check-in the person(s) staying in the hotel need(s) to present their passport or ID.

The Price for Hotel Service Booking is calculated according to check-in and check-out hours that each hotel presents at its own page in the Website. The possibility of booking an early check-in or late check-out is related to the availability of hotel rooms. In case of possibility an extra fee may be charged, which is subject to separate discussion.

Should You have any special requirements, please fill in the "special requirements" field in advance while booking. They will be considered by the company providing hotel services and will be fulfilled if possible.

In case You use other services offered by the hotel, apart from the Hotel Booking Order, You are obliged to make the payment and cover Your expenses on the spot according to policy and price-list presented by the company providing hotel services.

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The 1-10-digit rating of Hotels reflects the results of indicators of a special system on the Website. The rating is formed through an algorithm that takes into account the level of interest towards the hotel as well as the number of bookings.
4* hotel in Tbilisi

4* hotel in Tbilisi


Distance: 650 m from center