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Within Property Rental Services the Company provides the Customer with a rental Property (an apartment or a house) along with necessary accommodation and maintenance services.

The Price for a Property Rental Service is calculated through check-in and check-out hours and is based on a per day fixed Price for each Property. Daily Price of a Property depends on both the reservation period and its duration.

The check-in time is 14:00, Yerevan time, and the check-out is due at 12:00: this will be considered "1 day" within the context of this Service. In case of early check-in or late check-out extra fee will be charged.

The cleaning service of Properties is carried out at a time previously agreed with the Customer, from 10:00 till 18:00.

"New building", with regard to the Properties, means that the building, in which they are located, has been built within the last 15 years.

The 1-10-digit rating of the Property reflects the results of indicators of a special system on the Website. The rating is formed through an algorithm that takes into account the level of interest towards the Property as well as the number of bookings.

Code of conduct in the Properties:

  • NO smoking;
  • NO pets;
  • NO renovation, reconstruction, re-equipment and re-furnishment;
  • NO parties that may bother the neighbors and disrupt the general order in the vicinity;
  • NO noise at nighttime, from 23:00 till 7:00 (e.g. singing out loud, playing a musical instrument, making loud sounds or using devices with loud sounds in the apartments, entrances, houses, living areas or yards, etc.), which may cause administrative responsibility defined by the legislation of the Republic of Armenia.

Customer's responsibilities:

The Customer undertakes:
  • to maintain the Property decently and to return it in the same condition (except for the natural deterioration) eliminating the defects caused by them during their stay;
  • to take care of the Property, furniture and equipment: to repair/restore them in case of causing damage, or to compensate the cost necessary to repair/restore them to the Company, and to compensate the full cost in case of their destruction or loss;
  • not to put wet or hot items on tables, not to iron on them, not to spill water or other liquids onto the tables or on the floor, not to litter;
  • to immediately inform the Company about any problem or difficulty arisen in the Property;
  • when leaving the Property to make sure to close the windows, turn off the water tap, the gas stove and electrical appliances, not to leave any money, jewelry, valuable items and to lock the door of the Property;
  • not to hand the Property to a third party without the Company's prior consent;
  • to maintain the maximum number of people allowed to stay in the Property;
  • to inform the employee representing the Company about the defects and inconveniencies they have noticed, as well as about the complaints they may have upon receiving the Property, and to substantiate them based on the Order confirmation document; otherwise, the Customer will be deprived of the right to refer to them later, while the Company will bear no responsibility, except for the cases when those problems have not arisen due to the Customer's fault or after the acceptance of the Property by the latter.

The Company's rights and responsibilities:

The Company undertakes to solve any problem arisen in the Property within 24 hours; otherwise, at its own expense the Company will be obliged to relocate the Customer to another equivalent Property, or to return the Customer the amount corresponding to the number of days that the Customer missed (to be calculated upon per day rate).

The Company has the right to regularly require information regarding the number of people living in the Property. The Company has the right to enter the provided Property after informing the latter, or, in case of the Customer's absence or unavailability, can also enter without their consent should there be an emergency.

The Company bears responsibility neither for Customer's lost, damaged or destructed items in the Property, nor for the items left in the Property after the Customer's leave.
#195 Apartment - Nalbandyan street
1 bedroom

#195Apartment - Nalbandyan street

Distance from Republic Square: 550 m