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  • Andrew Behan

    Irlanda Irlanda



    Myself and my girlfriend really enjoyed our trip to Armenia.

    A big part of that was the courteous, professional service we received from your company. It compared very favourably to apartments services we had used in other CIS countries.

    We also took a tour with one of your tour guides, which was one of the highlights of a very enjoyable trip!

  • Aida Babayan

    AidaBFard at yahoo dot com

    Estados Unidos de America Estados Unidos de America


    Dear Hyur Services,
    Thank you for making my stay in Yerevan so wonderful. I enjoyed every minute of my stay in the wonderful appartment on Sayat Nova, and I have dared to recommend your services to many friends. Your incredible friendly service is one of the reasons I will definitely return to Armenia.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Aida Babayan

  • j-pierre fayolle

    josiane dot h at hotmail dot fr

    Francia Francia


    j\\'ai йtй trиs satisfait de vos services , et j\\'ai surtout apprйcier de trouver une hotesse parlant le franзais, j\\'ai recommandй votre site а beaucoup de mes amis, et je n\\'hйsiterais pas а passer par vous pour mes prochains voyage , tout йtait parfait, avec tout mes remerciements

  • Hayk

    Estados Unidos de America Estados Unidos de America


    Dear Hyur Service staff:

    From the bottom of my heart I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and say "Xhorin Shnorhakalutyuner". My family and I have arrived to and departed from Armenia with a great gratitude and joy. Thank you for keeping in touch to see how we were and if there was anything in need. We really appreciate your hard work and effort. Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. Thank you.


  • Karekin Daghlian

    Estados Unidos de America Estados Unidos de America


    Dear friends.

    I never thanked you enough.
    I did have a wonderful time in Armenia. By your help and very good service you prevent to us.
    Hoping to see you all very soon again

    Karekin Daghlian.

  • Anita Shahbazian

    hayzip at yahoo dot com

    Iran Iran


    Dear friends in hyurService,

    I have used your services for more than 3 times and during these 3 years I only remember good treatment, true friendship and promissing job from you while staying in most compfortible appartments, you are the only company who\'s words and works corresponds to each other and I hope you have sucess and plenty new customers together with new more comfortible appartments which will make your customers to think that you are always the best guest service company in Armenia.

    best regards
    Shahbazian Family

  • Catherine Vieille-Fermariello

    catherine dot vieille at fastwebnet dot i

    Francia Francia



    Merci beaucoup pour vos voeux et vous souhaitons de meme.
    Valerie garde un souvenir inoubliable de ce sejour en Armenie: Elle a d\'ailleurs ecrit, en s\'inspirant de ce voyage, depuis plusieurs contes pour les
    enfants qui j\'espere seront publier bientot.
    Nous gardons precieusement votre adresse en esperant nous aussi pouvoir faire un petit tour d\'Armenie un de ces jours.



  • Tony Rodrigues

    RodriguesAntony at aol dot com

    Estados Unidos de America Estados Unidos de America


    I really enjoyed my stay in your apartment in Yerevan, plan to reserve it again and is also recommending to others. Merry Xmas and Happy Holidays.

    Tony Rodrigues

  • Irina Oganezova

    ira134 at mail dot ru

    Georgia Georgia


    Спасибо за поздравление !
    Так же поздравляю вас с Новым годом :) Желаю всего наилучшего ! Мы были весной в гостях в Ереване и нам очень понравилось :) С вашей помощью мы очень хорошо устроились и оче! нь хорошо провели время !!!! спасибо за оперативную и качетсвенную работу :) приедем еще :))))

  • Robert and Catherine Skapura

    rskapura at gmail dot com

    Estados Unidos de America Estados Unidos de America


    My wife and I rented an apartment (through Hyur) for three weeks in Yerevan. We split our time taking day trips to various places (Garni, Geghard, Lake Sevan, Khor Virap, Echmiadzin, etc.) and exploring the capital city. The day trips were led by a Hyur supplied guide who spoke excellent English, was knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The trips were in a small van with between four and nine passengers. Our questions and small problems were quickly handled by the Hyur staff. We are not Armenian and had no idea of the rich history the country has. We would highly recommend Armenia to anyone who enjoys an interesting vacation of exploration, and would highly recommend Hyur Service to help with that trip.

  • Aram Bosnakyan

    arambos60 at hotmail dot com

    Turquia Turquia


    Dear HyurService,

    It was my first time in Armenia and I discovered a worderful country with a lot of History.
    Thank you for your great services and help during this period. I took 3 regular tours with you and all were very nice. Special thanks to our guide Laura.
    I only have find something to improve concerning the lunch. You maybe can include a standard lunch in all the tours (increasing the price 1000-2000 dram if necessary). A basic menu with salad and meat will be enough for the lunch.

    I hope to come again in Armenia and see you.

    Best Regards


  • Ursula and Gerald Staebler

    gerald dot staebler at gbo dot com

    Alemania Alemania


    Dear Narine,

    Please allow me to come back to you in order to say "\\\THANK YOU\\\" for the fantastic service, the support and the great flexibility you have shown in all belongings during our stay in Yerevan.

    Being a guest of Hyur Service, its staff and its guides was always a pleasure for us and we enjoyed our time in Armenia very much. Everybody of the guides has shown a highly interesting picture of the history of your country with great personality and a sense of humour. They are as well responsible that we fell in love with Armenia and we hope to return one day.

    Special regards to Anna 1 and Anna 2, Lilly, to our drivers and all of the team - we will keep everyone in our memory!

    So far that\'s all for today - we wish you the very best and take care!

    Gerald & Ursula

  • Hagop & Sirvart Garabedian

    sirvartg at hotmail dot com

    Canadá Canadá


    Greetings from Toronto Canada from Hagop & Sirvart Garabedian

    It has been two weeks since we returned safely to our home from the most beautiful country in the world, our home, Armenia, of which we still dream of day and night, talk about our wonderful and very memorable trip to our family, friends here and abroad on the phone. Specially for Hagop which was the first time to visit our homeland. Indeed it left deep impression on both of us specially when we met you and used your services. Words aren\'t enough to express our great appreciations and thanks to you all, you were amazing wonderful, kind and very friendly people of whom we heard about from all tourists whom we met. You made our trips smooth and very enjoyable even when we were going through bad flu we still enjoyed very much the ancient sights and ancient history, we were stunned and learnt a lot from our beautiful, very friendly professional guides Anna and Lilia, our trip would never been such wonderful without you and your profound knowledge of our great ancient Armenia!
    n churches (Vanks) we have never seen anything like it. Yet what can we say about our wonderful friend Frunze who is amazing and making us lough, dance, sing in the car while he was driving through the most difficult routes, we really were having lots of fun. Our thanks to handsome and decent Azat who always greeted us with great care, also thanks to Arik and fine young Arthur who promises lots of potential in his future and Sophia whoes work while changing the sheets was so professional, fast and very kneat and very respected kind lady. After all to all of you and to your owners and bosses who made hyurservice available to visitors to Armenia. We enjoyed the beautiful sceeneres and the fresh food, salads tan which I liked most, khorovatz, beautiful sunsine and climate, we feel so good after out return and just want to come back again...We already started recommending your services to many of our friends, indeed we had the honour to have met you through my daughter Ani a!
    nd her friends who lived on Mashtotz who also joins us sendin!
    g you her best regards. We treat ourselves very lucky and can\\'t wait to come back and continue to see the rest. Here is Hagop dictating to me to write to you that next time to provide us one queen bed not seperate one as we are married for 28 year which he thought that we were separated for a while. In my part I never thought about this while I was there!!!!! I myself really enjoyed having my freedom despite what Hagop says!!!! I think he\"ll make you lough.... we also enjoyed very much our company to Alaverdi with the American pair, Rafik and Zoya while we had Anna and Frunze with us. Finally the very sad moment came when I couldn\\'t help myself crying and felt very emotional leaving all these very memorable precious time behind and cried all the way to Canada. We we wiish you all the very best and please take care of yourselves and your families until we meet again. Keep smiling, you are the best humble friends as we think of you.

    Please also thank the sophisticated kind person, Arman, lovely Christina, beautiful natured, Armine and any person that we had contacted and gave us their very best. We greatly apologize for not mentioning their names in our first message. We do indeed miss you all with your outstanding personalities and prompt service, when every call we did you were right there with great kindness and respect. Sirvart & Hagop Garabedian, Toronto, Canada
    N.B. we are more than pleased if anyone of you, happen to be in Toronto, please feel free to stay with us, our home is at your service!!!!!!!

  • Ani Babayan

    Iran Iran


    Dear Hyur Service Personnel;

    Thank You for all things.
    Have a further success in your work.

    Sincerely yours;
    Ani Babayan

  • Vasken and Arpi Madian

    madian at sympatico dot ca

    Canadá Canadá


    Dear Aram:

    It was a pleasure for Arpi and I to meet you in your office on our arrival in Yerevan. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and all the staff at Hyur Service and in particular Narine and Laura for making our recent visit to Armenia an immensely enjoyable and profoundly moving experience.

    All the arrangements made for us by Hyur Service were absolutely flawless. The transportation from the airport to our hotel by Frunse and Arman, the prearranged private tours with David and Noone. All the individuals we met were knowledgeable, courteous and very professional. More importantly, without exception, they all made us feel very welcome and we quickly grew to regard them as friends.

    We will recommend Hyur Service to all our friends who plan on visiting Armenia and of course you will see us again, hopefully soon.
    Please pass on our thanks and best wishes to all at Hyur Service and we wish you continued success.

    With Sincere Appreciation and Thanks.
    Vasken and Arpi Madian

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