Haghpat Monastery, Zarni-Parni Cave Complex, Akhtala Fortress, Aramyants Castle, Sanahin Monastery

Haghpat Monastery, Zarni-Parni Cave Complex, Akhtala Fortress, Aramyants Castle, Sanahin Monastery

1. Haghpat Monastery
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Haghpat Monastery
Situated not far from Sanahin, Haghpat monastery has its significant place in the historical and cultural life of Armenia. It was built during the reign of king Ashot Bagratuni. Numerous valuable manuscripts and miniature paintings have been produced in the scriptorium of Haghpat for many centuries. In the 18th century the famous Armenian bard Sayat-Nova u sed to live and create in this monastery. The belfry with its unique architectural composition is of stunning interest. The site is included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.
2. Zarni-Parni Cave Castle Complex
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Zarni-Parni Cave Castle Complex
Zarni-Parni is a cave castle complex in Lori region. It is located in a forest canyon with a magnificent view of the Kayan fortress, which is close to the village of Haghpat, famous for its monastery. The complex consists of the "Zarni er" and "Parni er" castles, as well as the "Tsak er" cave. Some historical records note, that renowned scholar and philosopher Hovhannes Imastaser used to live and work in this cave. Currently the area is turned into a historical museum, where one can find number of rare ancient agricultural tools and household items.

Near the cave there is a tavern and winery to enjoy local drinks and dishes of Armenian cuisine.

Evening time can be well "spiced" with a splendid view from the observation deck over a bonfire (at an additional cost of 10 000 AMD).
Lunch stop
Lunch stop
Optional lunch in the local traditional restaurant on own expense. One may choose between 3 different options:
Option 1 (vegeterian) – 3500 AMD per person
Option 2 – 3900 AMD per person
Option 3 – 4500 AMD per person
3. Akhtala Fortress
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Akhtala Fortress
The Akhtala fortress is situated in Lori district. It is constructed on a plateau resembling a peninsula, surrounded with deep gorges from three sides. In the 10th century the masons could exactly derive benefit from the nature in order to make the fortress more fortified. The fortress is strengthened with huge ramparts and there are two pyramid-shaped watchtowers, rising above from both sides of the main entrance. The monastery of Akhtala, comprised of three churches, is in the territory of the fortress.
4. Aramyants Castle
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Aramyants Castle
The Aramyants castle, one of the jewels of Swiss architecture, is situated in the town of Akhtala in Lori region. It is distinguished for its magnificent appearance and interesting history of 120 years. The castle belonged to Mikael Aramyants, a prominent Armenian businessman, living in Tbilisi. It was built for his daughter with pneumonia, since Akhtala has the best climate in the entire Caucasus region. Many famous people used to spend their holidays in the town, among them opera singer Fiodor Shalyapin, Armenian poet Hovhannes Tumanyan, spiritual and cultural figure Khrimyan Hayrik and others.
The castle of Mikael Aramyants has its own place in the pages of Armenian history, as the declaration of the First Republic of Armenia was adopted here.
5. Sanahin Monastery
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Sanahin Monastery
The monastery of Sanahin is on the right bank of Debed river. This architectural complex consists of several churches, seminary, book depository. The building of the seminary, which connects St. Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) and Allsaviour churches, was from the outset built to make the edifices more earthquake-resistant. The site is included in UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List.


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