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  • Diran Yagir

    Frankreich Frankreich


    Chère Mary,

    Nous vous remercions très chaleureusement de
    votre acceuil en arménie. Votre agence de services
    nous a beaucoup plu ainsi que la gentillesse de tout votre personnel.
    l'appartement était très bien et nous espérons vous revoir très prrochainement.
    l'année prochaine, asvadz ouzéné!!!

    amitié à toute votre équipe

    famille YAGIR de france

  • Sarkis & Shamiram

    Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


    Dear Sir or Madam,

    We are writing to express our sincere gratitude, for an excellent service, reasonable prices, honesty and integrity, presented by all the staff of GUEST service. We enjoyed our stay in Armenia, especially, in Yerevan. We enjoyed GUEST service tours and all "the so well informative tour guides", such as Christina (please forward the attached photo, it represents, Shamiram Sarkisian, Nevart Melconian from Canada, and Christina, of yerevan GUEST sevice, taken in June 2005 ). Thank you to Mr. Frunz, the driver, his music selection influenced us, and now, we love Ara Gevorgian's music.
    We are entertaining the idea of a second trip early September of next year (2006). We will definitely consider your other services (housing), including a "3 day trip to Karabagh" !

    Thank you again for making our stay in Armenia more memorable.


    Sarkis Bahanian & Shamiram Sarkisian:-)

  • Arda Baghdoyan

    ardabaghdoyan at hotmail dot com

    Libanon Libanon


    Hi Christina,

    How are you? How is Narine, Anna, Siranoush & Hayganoush??

    After a perfect vacation, We are already back to our jobs and routine life.
    But this time with a very high morality.

    We want to thank you for all the support you provided us with, during our
    stay in Yereven. We really had a great time and hopefully we will visit next
    year too with my cousins.

    Attached you can find some pictures.

    Best Regards to all,

  • Arne Olav Tromsdal

    Norwegen Norwegen


    I visited Armenia in june and had my best ever vacation! An incredibly fascinating country with all the history, culture and not the least, the hospitable and friendly people!

    And by using Hyur Serivce my stay was a real pleasure, they arranged a very nice apartment for me, and I had the pleasure to attend three of their tours which was immensly interesting, very professional and competent guides! Christina and Siranush made the tours a really special experience for me and the rest of the travellers.

    I would now recommend Armenia for my fellow norwegians and also Hyur Service !

    Thank you very much! I'll be back!

  • Julia G.Dmitrioukova

    yenotte at mail dot ru

    Russland Russland


    Ребята, здравствуйте!
    Идея посетить Армению в мае 2005 в одиночку была совершенно
    авантюрной...И даже не знаю, чем бы все закончилось, если бы
    совершенно случайно не забрела на этот сайт! Дальше все было просто
    удивительно.. :) За три дня до вылета мне оказалось негде
    остановиться, и ребята тут же подобрали вариант, причем в согласии с
    моими материальными возможностями... За неделю моего нахождения в
    Ереване (с 1 по 8 мая) я съездила на 5 экскурсий, которые были
    организованы практически идеально. Ни разу - ни одного опоздания, ни
    одной накладки, все очень информативно удивительная атмосфера в
    группе, создаваемая экскурсоводом Кристиной (ей, кстати, приходилось
    нелегко, т.к. экскурсию она одновременно проводила на трех языках -
    английском, армянском и русском :)) Также огромное спасибо водителю
    Фрунзе - за его опыт, выдержку и осторожность на безумных армянских
    дорогах... И, конечно, спасибо Нарине за нашу переписку по e-mail, и
    Азату, помогавшему с размещением... И всем-всем-всем!!!

    Наряду с огромным впечатлением от армянской древней истории, культуры,
    местных традиций, я увезла с собой и наилучшие эмоции от общения с
    людьми, которые любят свое дело, стараются постоянно развиваться и не
    отделяют "производственную этику" от "общечеловеческих ценностей".

    Счастья вам всем, процветания мира и улыбок, и ДАЙ ВАМ БОГ - как и всей

    Юлия, музыковед и вебмастер. Москва.

  • Mat Brown

    Großbritannien Großbritannien


    A quick thanks for the tours which I went on, especially to Christina and Siran. I thought they were excellent in every way and great value. I will recommend you to anyone I know who visits Armenia!

    Kind regards,

    Mat Brown


    Ägypten Ägypten





    APRIL ,,,



  • Laszlo Szabo, Judith Szabo

    Ungarn Ungarn


    Dear Narine,

    i was very satisfied with the services you gave to me in Armenia. The
    apartman was also good and with this we were able to stay in Armenia
    much cheaper thn in a hotel. The tours were also very interesting and
    Christina and Anna are an excellent guides. Both of them were well
    qualified and friendly. Haghartzin and kecharis are very well organised
    trips just as viranp and novarank. Serwnaank and noraduz are a good
    combination. It would be wise to integrate hyravank cathedral to the
    trip due it is not so far. the tour around ashtarak is alo well built up,
    there are a few churches which are worth to stpo for a while. The tour
    of karabahh was little bit expensive due we could only see gandzahart
    and sushit which is marvelous. It would be interesting to include
    amaras to this trip. For such along trip the personality of the guide is
    very important in my opinion. To be correct is essential. It would be also
    useful to include eating to the trip due it would be little bit more
    expensive but it wold worth the money. I advertised Armenia a little bit
    in Hungary because i had a photo exhibition about churches in Armenia.
    There also photos from Iran Turkey Syria and liban. I try to send you
    the pictures.

    Yours sincerely

    Laszlo Szabo, Judith Szabo

  • Feliks Gevorkyan

    armcentr at yandex dot ru

    Russland Russland


    Barev sireli barekamner!

    Indz hamar anchap hacheli e hisel dzer voch mets kolektivi eritasard ashkhatakicnerin-im nor tsanotnerin hajrenikum.Es gohunakutiamb u khorin erakhtagitutiamb karokh em nshel "Hyur-servis" firmaji ashkhtakicneri bardzr pataskhanatvutiunn u hetevokhakanutiuny.Apreq tkhaner, hmajich u anushik im hajuhiner, duq anchap karevor gorts eq anum, ev dra gitakcumy ka dzer mot.Lav kliner ete avelacneq spasarkman volortnern-hamergneri u nerkajacumneri tomseri arajarkutiunner, hetaqrqir u nshanavur mer hajrenakicneri het handipumneri kazmakerpum, lavagujn hratarakutiunneri, grqeri u albumneri arajarkum ev ajln.
    Inch mnum e arajarkvats bnakarannerin-lav e u guhacucich.Vat cher lini, pahanjarki depqum, karokhanaiq apahwvel internetajin kap henc bnakarannerum...
    Bolorit makhtum em hajukhutiun, arokhjutiun ev noranor aravel tpavorich handipumner hajreniqum.

    Harganqnerov Feliks Gevorgyan, Kaliningrad.

  • Joseph

    Australien Australien


    this is short note to thank you for Your haspitality and prompt replys to my requsts to rent an apartments , I had most wonderful time In Armenia , I wont hesitate to recomond your services to all my freinds, see you soon


  • John and Katya Steinmetz

    Ungarn Ungarn


    Greetings all at Hyur Service,

    Armenia is a remarkable place full of wonders and fantastic people.

    Narine and all at Hyur Service did a tremendous job! They were helpful, courteous and professional. I would certainly reccomend their services to anyone staying in Armenia.

    We are already hoping to come back for our Honeymoon!

    Warmest Regards,

    John and Katya

  • sam tilbian

    Frankreich Frankreich


    a l'attention de Arroussiak,
    j'ai déjà eu l'occasion de consulter votre site, et je ne manque pas de le conseiller à mes amis.
    ayant terminé mes appartements, je ne me suis pas rendu en Arménie cet automne.
    mais je dois y faire un séjour en mai prochain dans le cadre d'une mission au titre de la coopération.
    je ne manquerai pas de vous rendre visite , et éventuellement vous mandater pour la location de mes appartements.

    bien cordialement à tous.

    sam tilbian

  • Denis Yeremets

    Ukraine Ukraine


    Barev dzes, dear Narine,

    To be honest it was my first visit to Armenia. But I will remember it through all my life first of all due to hospitality I met there. Yerevan is a beautiful city, a lot of museums are in and around it. I spent around 5 days there and thanks to your company had a nice opportunity to see as much as I could within such a short period of time. I knew that
    your country is pretty old, but I didn't suspect I would have a chance to see ancient temples there (please find a photo of your colleague Anna who is telling us interesting story about the temple built B.C. attached
    to this message). I made a lot of friends in Armenia, whom I'm still in contact with.

    I would like to visit your country again, because a lot of wonderful places are still not investigated by me. And in case I have such a chance, I know which company I will ask for help or any kind of information;). Thank you very much for your activity, due to your
    company a lot of people can travel without headache and see the beauty of your country!

    Best personal regards,

    Denis YEREMETS.

  • Talin

    Iran Iran


    Dear Narineh, Kolia and everybody in Hyurservice;

    I would like to thank from all of you in Hyurservice for your cooperation!
    The appartment that we had rent from you was excelent!! very comfortable, nice and clean!! we really enjoyed our trip!!! WE have to thank Kolia that from the first time we met him in the airport we felt very close to him.
    I am sure next summer we will meet eachother again! because we have decided to rent one of your appartments for our next trip!!!

    Best regards;

  • damien thomas

    Australien Australien


    To everyone at Hyurservice,

    Finally I am back home in beautiful Melbourne and wondering when i will be able to go back to Armenia. I thought my holiday there would be fascinating, but it turned out to be absolutely life-changing.

    I must thank especially Edgar and Aroussiak for transporting me to and from the most chaotic airport in the world and organising very suitable accommodation for me.

    As a solo traveller with almost no armenian, your team took a lot of worry out of my short visit and freed my mind to appreciate the wonder of my ancestral land.

    The daily tours to various regions of Armenia were handled beautifully, using very friendly guides who really know a lot about their history and place.

    It may be a long way away, but I can't wait to visit again. In the meantime, I will definitely recommend your services to anyone on their way to Yerevan.



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