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  • John and Katya Steinmetz

    Ungarn Ungarn


    Greetings all at Hyur Service,

    Armenia is a remarkable place full of wonders and fantastic people.

    Narine and all at Hyur Service did a tremendous job! They were helpful, courteous and professional. I would certainly reccomend their services to anyone staying in Armenia.

    We are already hoping to come back for our Honeymoon!

    Warmest Regards,

    John and Katya

  • sam tilbian

    Frankreich Frankreich


    a l'attention de Arroussiak,
    j'ai déjà eu l'occasion de consulter votre site, et je ne manque pas de le conseiller à mes amis.
    ayant terminé mes appartements, je ne me suis pas rendu en Arménie cet automne.
    mais je dois y faire un séjour en mai prochain dans le cadre d'une mission au titre de la coopération.
    je ne manquerai pas de vous rendre visite , et éventuellement vous mandater pour la location de mes appartements.

    bien cordialement à tous.

    sam tilbian

  • Denis Yeremets

    Ukraine Ukraine


    Barev dzes, dear Narine,

    To be honest it was my first visit to Armenia. But I will remember it through all my life first of all due to hospitality I met there. Yerevan is a beautiful city, a lot of museums are in and around it. I spent around 5 days there and thanks to your company had a nice opportunity to see as much as I could within such a short period of time. I knew that
    your country is pretty old, but I didn't suspect I would have a chance to see ancient temples there (please find a photo of your colleague Anna who is telling us interesting story about the temple built B.C. attached
    to this message). I made a lot of friends in Armenia, whom I'm still in contact with.

    I would like to visit your country again, because a lot of wonderful places are still not investigated by me. And in case I have such a chance, I know which company I will ask for help or any kind of information;). Thank you very much for your activity, due to your
    company a lot of people can travel without headache and see the beauty of your country!

    Best personal regards,

    Denis YEREMETS.

  • Talin

    Iran Iran


    Dear Narineh, Kolia and everybody in Hyurservice;

    I would like to thank from all of you in Hyurservice for your cooperation!
    The appartment that we had rent from you was excelent!! very comfortable, nice and clean!! we really enjoyed our trip!!! WE have to thank Kolia that from the first time we met him in the airport we felt very close to him.
    I am sure next summer we will meet eachother again! because we have decided to rent one of your appartments for our next trip!!!

    Best regards;

  • damien thomas

    Australien Australien


    To everyone at Hyurservice,

    Finally I am back home in beautiful Melbourne and wondering when i will be able to go back to Armenia. I thought my holiday there would be fascinating, but it turned out to be absolutely life-changing.

    I must thank especially Edgar and Aroussiak for transporting me to and from the most chaotic airport in the world and organising very suitable accommodation for me.

    As a solo traveller with almost no armenian, your team took a lot of worry out of my short visit and freed my mind to appreciate the wonder of my ancestral land.

    The daily tours to various regions of Armenia were handled beautifully, using very friendly guides who really know a lot about their history and place.

    It may be a long way away, but I can't wait to visit again. In the meantime, I will definitely recommend your services to anyone on their way to Yerevan.



  • Garo Chichekian

    Kanada Kanada


    Hello Aroussik

    Thank you for your request for a feedback concerning my visit to Armenia. Needless to say that I was fully satisfied with HYUR services and I will recommend it to others without any hesitation. You delivered as advertized and as promised.
    My stay in Armenia was very rewarding and very educational. I managed to visit 85% of the sites in my original travel plan. I will come back soon for there is so much more to see and learn. It seems to me that this small in size country of ours is a rich cultural and environmental museum. As a closing note, I would like to encourage Armenians and foreigners to visit Armenia with understanding, respect and especially, with an open mind. Only then their visit can be rewarding to them as well as to the host country.

  • Anna Hadrych

    Polen Polen


    Chere Aroussiak,
    Juste un petit mot pour vous remercier de votre accueil en Armenie. On etait tres content. On garde les meilleurs souvenirs de notre sejour.

    Anna Hadrych

  • Lena, Dzovag, Sati

    Syrien Syrien



    I know its too late to send this mail, but they say (better late than
    never) and Armenians say (OUSH LINI ANOUSH LINI)

    This is just to say thanks for Hyur service. We really enjoyed our one
    week stay in Armenia. Special thanks to Kolya, we appreciate his

    Find attached some of the trip photos, please pass them to Kolya.

    You can use photo4 for your adds... (just a joke)

    Best regards

  • Ojeni Sammis

    Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


    Dear Narine and Hyur Service Management,

    I am very pleased to have chosen your company for my accommodations. A two-bedroom apartment in the heart of Yerevan on Moshtots!

    This was my 3rd visit to Armenia but the 1st time that I decided to stay in Yerevan and rent a place. I had stayed with local families before because although traveling, I like to feel that I am home!

    I appreciate your promptness in responding the emails prior to our arrival. Your planning and responsiveness is superb. As I told Kolya (Executive Director) in person and with this email I am telling others, - I am glad I made the right choice.

    Ojeni Sammis

  • Philippe Aucher

    Frankreich Frankreich


    Chère Aroussiak,

    Nous sommes bien rentrés en France sans aucuns soucis de Voyage.
    Nous tenions à vous remercier pour la grande qualité de la prise en charge de nos différentes réservations et pour la gentillesse de votre acceuil.
    A bientôt peut être, à nouveau dans votre beau Pays l' Arménie!

    Bien Cordialement
    Philippe Aucher.

  • Houman Mehrabadi

    Iran Iran


    Dear Narine,
    Many thanks for the provided services, specially in our first day of arrival. i hope that i will refer to you again in next year.

    Best regards,

    Houman Mehrabadi

  • Hratch Jabrayan

    Kanada Kanada


    Hello Arussiak,
    Well, we are back in Canada, it's been a week and finally we are getting settled in. The weather is totally different here than it was in Armenia, it is always cloudy and raining.

    Anyway, I just wanted to email you and say hello, but most importantly, I would like to thank the Hyur Service staff, for again extending a great welcome to me in Armenia, providing us all with first rate professional services and of course, attending my wedding and being a part of it, and of course for the lovely gifts.

    Please thank everyone for me individually, you guys have now become my friends and unfortunately I did not get the chance to thank you all properly before I left Armenia, but I am sure I will get to see you all again soon.

    I miss you all and best of luck to all of you.
    With lot's of love from Canada

    Hratch Jabrayan

  • Asso Aroyan

    Libanon Libanon


    Hello Hello Aram and Golia

    I really appriciate what you have done at the last moment.

    I will never forget this trip to my mother land with all my family we enjoyed very very much it's really a lovely country take care about please.

    I hope and wish you the best for your company you deserve always the best keep on the same level always growing up.

    Best Regards to all your staff
    Parvevner polorin
    Asso Aroyan

  • Norayr Gurnagul

    Kanada Kanada


    Dear Narine,

    It has been a few days since I have been back from Armenia, I wanted to
    write your office to thank you all for a great time in Armenia.

    It has always been my dream to visit my homeland and it really happened ! I
    want to thank everyone including yourself who made the trip very enjoyable.
    The apartment you found for me was excellent, the location right next to
    Republic Square made it very easy for me to visit all the key sites. The
    location was also ideal because it was very quiet and clean.

    I want to thank Edgar and Kolya who made my trips back and forth from the
    airport very smooth. Thanks also to Edgar and Aram for getting through some
    of the red tape to get my lost luggage back from the airport !

    The tours I went on were all very well organized and went smoothly, the
    staff were all very professional and everything was on schedule like
    clockwork. I want to thank our professional driver Ardavast for not only
    driving us to our historical sites but also pointing out great spots for
    taking pictures, thank you Ardavast for stopping often and allowing me to
    take the pictures. By the way the pictures came out great ! specially the
    ones at Khor Virab, I intend to enlarge some of them and display them in my
    office at work.

    I specially wish to thank my tour guides Ani and Anna for not only giving
    me detailed information about the historical sites but also taking my
    pictures in front of the numerous sites. Their enthusiasm and
    professionalism towards their jobs was quite evident.

    I am certain that with the quality of service that you provide your company
    will do very well in the future. I certainly would have no hesitation in
    recommending not only your apartment rental services but also your great

    Wishing you all great success and hoping to see you all in the future,


  • Artur Babayan

    Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


    Hi Dear,

    I want to express my appreciation for your high quality service. I visited Yerevan in June of 2003, and Hyurservice made our stay more enjoyable.
    Thanks to everyone who works in this company.
    I would recommend to everyone to use their service.

    Artur Babayan

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