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  • Adis Isaghulyan

    adispost at gmail dot com

    Iran Iran


    mer partkn enk hamaroom haytnel` shnorhakalootyon HYURSERVICE @nkerootyan@ ` katarac barzrakarg yev vorakyal ashxatanqi kapakcutiamb.

    maxtoom enk amena lav@

    minch nor handipoom


  • Bozouklian

    Frankreich Frankreich


    Bonjour Anna,

    Voilà nous sommes rentrés chez nous après avoir passé un séjour très agréable, on a particulièrement apprécié Norik et Anouche pour leur gentillesse et qui nous on permis de découvrir l'Arménie en profondeur, remercier les de notre part, je vous remercie pour l'organisation, nous
    sommes enchantés et nous ne manquerons pas pour vous recommander à l'occasion. Merci et pourquoi pas à une autre fois. Avec toutes nos amitiés

    M. Bozouklian

  • Berge Wassilian

    bearjig at aol dot com

    Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


    Dear Narine Harutyunyan
    Hyur Service, LLC

    My very short visit to Armenia was well worth it. My four day trip was one hundred percent successful, beautiful, exhilarating, emotional, fun-filled, educational...just to name a few.

    Please accept my sincere feelings of gratitude; without your highly efficient and professional guest service I may never have been able to experience it.

    I am especially thankful to your guide Julia who always went out of her way to repeat and explain the histories of the sites we visited whenever she noticed that I had swayed away from the group and missed her information.

    Your safe bus drivers also deserve my praise; besides being well mannered they were also informative and helpful in directing me around and offering to take my pictures.

    Yours truly

    Berge Wassilian

    PS. when you have time, check my web site http://www.bearjig.net You will find out that I am a writer. Soon I will start writing my fourth novel and surely I will be writing about my brief visit to my Biblical land.

  • Margus Mandmets

    mannakas at hotmail dot com

    Estland Estland


    Dear Narine,

    thank you for all the arrangements.
    Our tour went extremely well and we are sorry to back at home.

    We had wonderful time in Armenia and we had many little surprices and experiences, which made the trip wonderful.

    Our driver Gagu was super and he even started to enjoy cycling in the end. I have attached couple of photos, one of them is about Gagu cycling. He makes the best shaslik we've ever had.

    All the best,


  • Marguerite Billet

    mmbillet at worldonline dot fr

    Frankreich Frankreich



    Many, many thanks to all the people from Hyur Service for the very good service that we had during the stay in Erevan.

    Everything was almost perfect !, nice guides, nice drivers and it was a pleasure to visit all the beautifull places with them.

    Ani Plazza was a very good choice and we were very happy in this hotel.

    Please give my thanks to every one & many thanks for you too.

    Marguerite Billet

  • Isabelle Sismanian Oster

    ioster3 at msn dot com

    Großbritannien Großbritannien


    Dear Luiza, Elisa, Armenak and all staff at HyurService.
    Just a small but well deserved note to say a big thank you to all of you for your very professional and caring assistance in every aspect from the very beginning.
    We enjoyed everything and every minute of it.
    The flat liased by Luiza was fine, well located within the city. Sightseeings provided by Hyur were breathtaking. Both Armenak(driver) and Elisa(tour guide), did show very good knowledge. And thanks for suggesting going to Kilikia restaurant at Hanrapetutyan St, it was delightful to see and hear real Armenian group performing whilst enjoying a lovely meal.
    And as for the city of Yerevan, a wonderful, clean city with very polite and helpful people.
    Thanks for all your assistance. Can't wait to visit Armenia again!

    Isabelle Sismanian Oster/London
    Melcon Sismanian/France
    Therese Sismanian/Brazil

  • Jim Kenna

    bunco122450 at hotmail dot com

    Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika


    I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my experiences while touring with your service. I went with your tours four times in May 2009, including a 3 day trip to Nagorno-Karabach, and was always satisfied. I also want you to know that the two guides, Katar and Monica, were both very well informed and helpful. I would certainly recommend your services based on my experiences.
    Thank You, Jim Kenna
    St Paul, MN, USA

  • Davies Family

    Ungarn Ungarn


    We would just like to thank you for organizing our tours. We enjoyed them very much and would ask you to thank Ruben and Norik our drivers for looking after us so well. We would like to visit Armenia again in the future and for longer.

    Best wishes,
    Davies Family

  • Dmitry

    Russland Russland


    Выражаю огромную благодарность вашей компании за прекрасно организованые индивидуальные туры. Слаженная работа сотрудников вашей компании оставили незабываемые впечатления. Вам без труда удалось влюбить нас в вашу прекрасную страну. Особую благодарность за проведенное с нами время хотим выразить нашему гиду Асмик и водителю Аветику. До новой встречи! Не прощаемся.

  • Stephanie & Alexandre

    neereas at gmail dot com

    Frankreich Frankreich


    Bonjour Anna,

    Je souhaitais simplement vous remercier pour avoir rendu notre voyage en Armenie plus simple a certains moments!
    7 jours... c'est bien trop peu... nous nous sommes deja promis de revenir :-)

    Bonne chance a vous,

    Stephanie & Alexandre

  • Яна Баранова

    baranovaya at rambler dot ru

    Russland Russland


    Здравствуйте, Анна!
    Хотим выразить Вам благодарность. Мы остались с самыми лучшими впечатлениями об Армении, и непременно вернёмся ещё раз. Спасибо!

    Всего наилучшего!

  • Тетяна

    Ukraine Ukraine


    Щиро вдячні колективу фірми за чудово проведену відпустку. Все булo організовано на високому рівні, усі співробітники дуже доброзичливі та завжди готові. Bопомгти вирішити будь-яку проблему.
    Особливо дякуємо водію Рубену за теплу зустріч в аеропорту у 4 години ранку, менеджеру Маріанні за чудову організацію нашої подорожі та підтримку, я у ми. Bідчували протягом всієї відпустки, а також гідам Катар, Розі, Елізабет та Джульєтті.
    Бажає усьому колективу успіхів, натхнення, цікавих ідей і не втрачати високий рівень обслугоуван. Bня, не дивлячись на проблеми і кризи.

    Тетяна та Віталій
    м. Київ (Україна)

  • kouyoumdjian purag

    purag at free dot fr

    Frankreich Frankreich


    parev polorit
    khorin chenorhagaloutyounner,hadgabes Alla Avakiainin.Chad hadjeli or me antsoutsi hagarag tsourd yeghanaguin.

    Hatchoghoutyoun yev haradevoutyoun.

    harkanknerov Purag Kouyoumdjian

  • Arto Malian

    malian at cytanet dot com dot cy

    Zypern Zypern


    Parev Luisa and all at Hyur service

    On behalf of my family, I would like to say a BIG
    The Service provided by your company was very professional, and despite our last minute booking, you managed to accommodate our needs perfectly.
    Thank you for the help and assistance of the staff, the drivers and everyone at Hyur, which made our trip so much easier and pleasent, without any hassle.
    The only thing is that we managed to leave a large number of plastic and glass bottles, which we did not know where to deliver for recycling, (if that still exists ) so pleas forgive us if that is not the norm..
    In any case, without your help and assistance, our trip back to armenian would have been a lot more challenging

    Thank you once again

    Arto Malian & Family

  • Armine Mirzoyan

    amirzoyan2002 at mail dot ru

    Armenien Armenien



    наконец то xочу выразить Вам благодарность за организованность, красивое оформление фуршета по поводу защиты мною диссертации!

    Очень приятно, что в нашей Республике тоже есть такой уровень сервиса!!!

    Удачи Вам и процветания.

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